Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Travels,,,lol


On a ranch about 9 miles E of town.

The only ones I know are the red/white faced ones are herefords.  Don’t know the black or   the white ones.  (2 of the white).  They always have them separated like this too.  I went past them and turned around and went back to get the pics.  Had meant to do it a lot of times, just never had.  I’ll try to get a pic of the oreo ones out W of town… Maybe today.  Going out that way to Ns for the bbq.  IF I can cross the slab, might have to use the other road.

I did get that dreaded trip to Walmart over with.  Just got in the car and did it.  I picked up this 2 bowl set, big ones, with lids that I’ve needed for a long time, and later, way over in the grocery part, I found this set of 6!!! with lids for the same price.  A whole rack of them, why there I don’t know, but yeah, I put the other one there and got the 6 pc set.  Now I wish I had gotten a couple of more for gifts,,,at 4.50 a set.

Got back about 6;30 and J had a couple of his cars up at Inman’s Kitchen for a car show, so I went by there, just barely caught some of the Blue Grass music before they quit.  BUT,,I did get my laugh for the month,,, J took this man  for a ride in his 72 GTO, and I left too.  In a minute I’m hearing,,an older model yellow car is doing donuts in front of Coopers,,(was Inmans) then,,,(I’m dialing my phone) reading off classic car plates,,,ooo no,,,he’s not answering,,, have him at the city limits,,,almost hit this van when he took off at the light, went sideways,,,etc,,, (didn’t,,the tracks were straight for about 40 yards,,)  I went back and waited at Inmans.  They finally show up, and I have to start laughing,,they were too.  The van was being driven by an off duty cop,,,hahahahaha.  (who’d a thot?) So his friend,,the one on duty,,kinda had to give him a ticket,,for improper take off, with the other one standing there.   Couldn’t get his speed,,(over 100 just for a sec.)  He told her to come by after she got off and take it for a drive,,she said,,oooo noo way.  lolololol  Made that man’s day,,,hahahaha

This is the rain gauge I’ve wanted forever.  Had one out there when I moved here, but the holder thingys broke, and the stump disappeared.  Now,,bring on that rain!  And I don’t know where it is now.


My mower man came by and mowed today.  Maybe it will last a while.  Well, that means heat,,sooo, hope NOT.   I need to spray some more round up,,got some more of those burr things that are horrible.  Stick in the bottom of your shoes, get all in the house.  They just showed up around here a few years ago.  Have little purple flowers,,don’t know what they are.  The burrs come apart when they dry out.

Hey,,,it’s noon, better do ,,uh,,,ummm,,well,,,something,, yall tc, and