Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Busy Day Today

Going to Marble Falls later, getting it out of the way.  Foot doc said to come by at 3 so i'll make that work.  Then, i did something earlier i should not have done, and that was tell someone, don't know her, that i would play bridge tomorrow.  All i know is her first name, so now i've gotta go by and tell her i'm not going to.  She mentioned one name that would be there, and it hit me later, DO NOT want to see this person.  She and her live in rented a house from me, left owing of course, and also a mountain of trash in the front yard, and a filthy house.  The live in was a smart mouth cop and threatened to sue me over a leaking roof in the back, which i had told her about.  Said i had advertised as a 4 br, when it had to be a 3.  I just looked at him, dared him.  After they married, my nephew walked up on him in his police car, on duty, one nite out at the park, and guess what he was doing?  hahahaha,,,He was "doing" it to some ol girl in the car.  Nephew just said,,o,,and left.  Don't know if she's still married to that sucker or not, and don't care, just don't want to be around her.

Ok got that call made cancelling the bridge, darn it.  That was always my favorite game.  Found out the one i didn't wanna be around was subbing too, so maybe another time. 

Had my oatmeal, gotta get moving here, it's after 11, still have to shower, etc, to leave.  It's hard trying to time it, to be thru at Walmart, and at the docs by 3.  I've done it before, so doing it again, so i can leave and come on home when he gets thru fitting the shoes.  (Inserts).


Later, going on 4:30

Back with groceries, but no shoes, didn't fit.  Same as the ones i had on, but these were way too tight.
Reordered, be in in about 2 weeks, even tho i won't be going back for about a month.  Once a month is enough for me.  Liked em, tho.  They had stretchy shoe strings, didn't tie.  Way back around 90, i think, i got some shoe strings that were kinky, stretchy, and when u laced em in, u didn't tie em either.  You put em where u wanted em, and they stayed there.  Lol, camera in the car or i would take a pic of em,  still have 2 pair.  Do that for tomorrow. 

That darn camera told me the memory was full, after i took one pic of the Kingsland slab.  I nearly took the card out and put it back in, (which was what it was) but i didn't.  And that's what they found in Walmart.  I always delete after i upload em, so there was no way it could be full.  Put that on later too.  It's just never in the right place!!! 

Ok, gone again,,,bb tomorrow.