Friday, April 6, 2012

Glasses, Coincidences,,,

Reading about new glasses over there in a blog..  I stumbled around for a couple of years, before my parents sprung for glasses.  By then i was 14, but i was so amazed,,i could see!!!  Never took em off, except to sleep, and still like that now.  Tried contacts once, but they dried on my eyeballs, lol, sooo,,,stayed with glasses.  I would have hated keeping up with reading glasses anyway.  When i had the cataracts removed, i had the choice of being near or far sighted,,,i chose to stay like i am, near sighted.  Those reading glasses were why.  My mom had great eyesight, but when she finally had to use reading glasses, she sure didn't let anyone see her using them.  I walked in one day and she jerked them off so fast, don't know how she didn't break them...Guess being called 4-eyes made her ashamed.  This neighbor boy in class told the whole class that the only reason i was wearing them, was to make me look better,,,,hahahaha, he didn't intend that to be a compliment.

OMG,,was doing a text to send my son, telling them i was already there, DisneyWorld, ahead of them, when he called! hahahaha.  Wanting to know how to go to my Youtube videos.  The man they were sitting by on the plane is from Mason, a hop away, and is here eating at Coopers a lot... The vids have the snakes.  When my 2nd hubby and i went to Vegas, there was a man on the plane,,,from HERE,,with his gf, and they were going to the same hotel!....He came over one morning, saying someone had stolen his car at some big casino the nite before, so we took him out to look for it,,hahaha,,yep, it was still there, the only car in the parking lot,,,he just wasn't sober enough to find it the nite before..lololololol.  My son is feeling lots better, after those meds took effect.  Now i'm glad they went on, on their trip.  He said he had to go, they were getting off the plane.  Won't be back til late Monday.

I'm so glad i can quit taking the powdered and liquid forms of the 2 meds i take.  Also that chewable vitamin,,yukkk.  Quitting the one for acid reflux, don't think i'll need that either.  It didn't even help.  I never had that til the band.  She talked me into staying on the statin,,,even tho my cholesterol was l56 last check.  IF i can lose some weight, i WILL quit that too.

Don't know about yall, but i'm bored with this, so yall tc, and