Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Found It

Yep, found that clippie.  It was in the corner,, like, a 6" space, behind something.  Don't see how it could get there, but it did.  When i had one of the teeth filled that it fits between, it's never fit as good as before, and the dentist worked on it a long time,, til i got tired of doing it, lol.

My g/dotter has posted something on facebook, about earth porn, and it has the most amazing pics.  I have cabin porn, gonna look for others now.  I put one up as my screensaver, and it is soooo beautiful..  A red fox curled up,, in Canada i think.

Took my cover off my front AC, and i will be using it later today,, i bet.  Says upper 80s for Austin, but we get a little warmer.

And, i have to go to the library today too.  Just like a few pages in my last book.  I usually get 3.  Need to find a new author today.  I've read all of James Burke, and Wm. Barnhart.  I have a list of good ones so it won't be hard.

We got a pretty good rain late Monday,, kinda stormy.  Had quite a bit of hail, up to a 1/2", and a few quarter size.  I think there was lots more up the river, so maybe it'll get on a rise.

That's all i've got, so tc, and