Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wish I Had Something to Write About

I bet Inks Lake feels totally empty now, without those 2 fellow bloggers.  What a good life, just start up your home, travel on down the road, stop just whenever.  The little bit of traveling i got to do, we were never in a hurry, and stopped if there was something to see or do, but this was so small compared to them.

 That was how we stopped up around Stephenville, wayyyyy back, to see the dinosaur tracks.  It was before they were so big, in fact, had just been started as a park.  I was so amazed, they were all over that creek bed.  I had thot it wouldn't be much of anything of interest, we just needed a break on driving.  And one other time, was off with bro G, and we needed a potty break, and there was this HUGE gravel pit closed for weekend, so we drove off down into that, wayyyy down, tell ya, this was HUGE, and he went one way, i went another.  We then drove on around down in there, and came upon this place with stagmalites, of whatever u call them, the things in caves, on one whole wall.  There was one big rock in front of the wall with a perfect dinosaur print on it, the 3 toed one.  There were also fossils of these round things, don't know what they were, but we threw in a lot of em in the bed of his truck.  They were about 3 or 4" long, with joints.  Like one of our fingers.  G and B went back the next day and tried to load that rock with the one print on it, but was just too heavy.  And to think, all that got blasted away.  Someone must have talked, tho, the place closed down later.  Then had guards so you couldn't go down into it any more.  We went back once, and just stopped on the road, and one came over and told us to leave.  Of course, we had wandered down off it a little. lololol

Gosh, i keep putting off going back to doc in Austin, to get band tightened, but just gonna have to do it.  It takes a while to get it right.  Still just kills me, that i lost a whole year.  Would have been thru with the whole business by now.  I guess that's why i just want to give up on it sometimes.  Just how much will i gain by losing all the weight?  At my age?  Who knows? lololol

Had a gooood nite's sleep last nite.  Don't know why, wish i did.  Then i could do it every nite.

DD, at least ur not thinking that skunk has rabies just cause it's around now.  U must have things to feed on there.  If u need to run it off, get a water hose with a sprayer on it, they'll tuck that tail and take off.  Saw my neighbor do that one time.  Didn't spray either.  My sis had them under her house too, and they would spray under there, driving her out.  They finally trapped them and fixed the place they got in to end it.   They don't have any left for a bit.  I had one as a pet when i was a young teen.  Back then, the vets would "fix" them.  My dad really liked it, because when it would follow him to the door, the person there would back off every time.   He loved his practical jokes.  We had a young one take up residence one time in our garage.  Well, my son and his friend were gonna run it out, so he built this tunnel it had to go down, and got in there on one end making all this noise, while the friend peeked around the corner at the other.  I knew this would be good, so i had the movie camera out there, filming.  It worked like a charm, but when that little skunk met up with great big friend at the other door, he went one way, friend went the other ,,,for a whole block!!  Got it all on film.  While i was lmaoooo.  Guess it's not too funny, tho, the skunk got shot way out in the pasture.

Ok folks, sry about not having anything to write about.  lol,,HAGD