Friday, November 9, 2012

Hooray for BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great to know he's still around,,huh?  AND ,,,catching some fish,,,if we can believe that.   All well and good, but, there have been a few of us that never returned,,,and it could happen you know.

Windy, kinda hot today.  When it gets this way i'm always glad for a good front to show up, like will be here Sunday nite.  We finally got down low enough for some leaves to start falling.  And it will finish them  about on Mon. nite.

We've been going out to the park, and J has discovered how enjoyable those geese are.  He has lived here all his life, and had never done that.  He had even told me that that bread wasn't good for them,,now it's,, Mom, do you have anything to feed the geese?  lololol.  It's just peaceful out there and the other birds are showing back up.  Big ducks,little ducks,,white cranes, blue cranes,,,etc.

My neighbor did move out last week.  A big truck even showed up a few days ago and loaded his storage room on and took it away.  This morning, someone was walking around taking pics and J asked them what they were doing.  It was someone from his mortgage company.  We just told them they had left about 2 weeks ago, that's all.

I got this huge flower arrangement this morning.  My birthday is tomorrow, which i keep forgetting.  Now i can remember while i'm smelling these.  Something smells good.

Hey, yall tc, and