Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Multivortex?

My google account wouldn't let me post a comment on DDs blog. Would on the others, strange. Not sure it will publish this, lol. Messed with it a while, then just gave up. So, DD, sry, but can't do it today. Time might cure it. Anyway, the comment i tried to make is this. Gonna copy it right out of the Austin paper today. The tornado that hit Joplin ,,,was a rare destructive phenomenon known as a multivortex, hiding 2 or more cyclones within the wider wind funnel!!!. WOW, never heard of this, have u? Hope i never ever c one. Still get tears for all of the destruction and lives.

Just was hearing about a chase for a man on foot in Kingsland. Had jumped out of his car, left it running and took off when the cop tried to stop him. Just now caught him, and now they need EMS. hahahahaha Teach him to run!!! Don't mess with Texas could mean lots more than throwing out trash. lmaooo. Rumor has it, that when they found the man that had shot to death a young deputy here, just for stopping him, the sheriff said shoot to kill, don't take him alive. The man knew he would go back to prison and had a gun, so when the deputy leaned over to look at the serial # thru the windshield, he shot him. He was found later camping out at the lake, and he WAS shot, but didn't kill him. There were too many witnesses to finish him off. The sheriff took it really hard, and didn't run the next election. The deputy was just a young kid fixing to get married. The man was an exchange parolee from up North. WE DONT WANT UR TRASH HERE!!!

Won't post tomorrow, will be in Austin having this port replaced. Will bb late afternoon. They told me yesterday i had to be there by 9;30!!!, an hour earlier than previously. I am NOT the early bird. Will stumble around n get dressed, brush my teeth, n go. I even called n asked em why, was told the anesthesiologist needed an hour!,,,How can that be? Not gonna worry about being a little late. Doesn't bother N, she's up early anyway. That's a heck of a long time without my morning coffee. Gonna do it anyway, just no creamer. Surgery's not til 12;30.

Ok, lunch time, little late, lol.