Thursday, May 31, 2012


Just remembered i hadn't done this, so ,,, no post today, nothing going on anyway.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Couldn’t Resist


This is in the city limits, about a mile W of downtown.  It’s a development of sites with a few acres.  They’re just EVERYWHERE!….

The clouds around this morning, surprised me.  Yesterday we had a heat index of 104.  Today will be the same, later.  I’m not getting out except to do things I have to.  When I tried to refill the plastic thing I’ve used for water, it broke and leaked, so I did go to the $Store and get another one.  And I remembered to pick up a box after taking all these vases out from under my kitchen cabinet.  LOLOLOL,,about a dozen!  AND, threw some empty jars away,,,why do people keep those?  Hey, I have lots of room under there, now….

Well, heck, not much to expect on that front coming thru tonite.  A few degrees cooler, a little dryer,, a few percent chance of a shower.

I do have to get out later and go to the store.  Need milk,,lol.  That might be all, need to think about it.  Know I need trash bags, but didn’t remember that at the $Store.  There’s a HEB ad in today’s paper, maybe I should look in it.

J called, and they were just leaving Houston.  Said his back has been giving him fits, and will get back on the paperwork when he gets back.  About time.  I dread this surgery, but he can’t do without it.  I know he does too and has put it off as long as possible.

Almost noon, and I’ve already gotten my drugs.  She came early today.  Not gonna do anything today,,,well, as little as possible.  Overdid yesterday.  Yall tc, and












Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Seems Like Tuesday to Me


Everything has turned YELLOW!  Well, patches of red too.  Nearly got run over, so I thot I’d better quit on the pics….twice.  This county sure gave week end travelers a treat.  I would swear this is later than normal. 

I got up today knowing it was Tuesday,,,now explain that.  Holidays always mess me up.  One time when I was awake I felt something crawling across my back, and did I ever come up and turn a lite on!  Nothing.  Maybe it flew away.  I have a fly buzzing around right now that’s fixing to get a swatting!  One time when J was about 2,,I swatted a fly and he told me,,don’t spank that fly, that’s my fly.   lol.  And when they were about 3,,,N and J, they both ran into the bathroom, (4 months apart) and I heard him say,,"I’m a boy and you’re a girl, know why?”  Boy,,I had to hear this!!  “ I have to stand up to tt, and you have to sit down”  He called yesterday from Galveston, they were going to some museum.  Will be back tomorrow.  I’ve been so concerned about his back, and yes, it has given him problems, but he said it’s worth it.

Waffle time,,so yall tc, and





















Monday, May 28, 2012

Thank You, all of You Vets!

Have no plans today.  We kinda did our "do" at Bs for supper last nite.  Gosh, he cooked rib eyes!  Melted in your mouth at that!  Haven't had a steak that good in,,well, forever.  He's always been into using seasonings.  He and my boys would get in my kitchen when they were kids, and dig thru all my seasonings, and see who could make the best burgers, chili, etc.  Lots of fries..,.lololol,,,I used a 6 quart iron dutch oven for frying and it stayed on the stove all the time.  Years later, i gave it to him for his own top of the stove.  lol.  He still uses it, too.

One time my youngest son decided he needed to lose a little weight, so he told me to cook just 1/2 the fries for him.  He signed up for FHA in school, and came home and dug thru the freezer, came out with broccoli with cheese sauce, and that was his breakfast,,,,(green=healthy).  Also would get a bowl of salad, but put most of a bottle of ranch dressing on it to eat.  BUT, he got his  Still miss him every day.

I got up just before 8 today!!!  Just thot i would, for some reason.  It was kinda late to go back to sleep.  And, got to thinking about that coffee waiting.  I keep looking thru my bed, but not finding anything.  Even wearing a loose slip on shoe yesterday, caused the top of the bite to rub off, so i've been putting neosporin on it.  It's the same thing i had on the back of my leg before.

There was all kinds of going-ons yesterday around town, but i didn't make it. Don't do heat.  I would have loved to go listen to the blue grass music on the square.  We used to have the festivals here, but i don't think we do now.  The park would be full of them.  For a whole week end.  There was an old car show too.  Lots of good looking cars, saw some when i went by, later.

Got my waffles ready, so yall tc, and


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blue Sunday?

I had to watch that video about the attack goose again, and still LMAO.  If you missed it, it's in yesterday's post.  Making me laugh just thinking about it. LOLOLOLOL.

Geez, i got up yesterday with another of those bad bites on me,,my foot this time.  On the top, right behind my middle toes.  Woke me up so many times last night itching, i was up and down most of the nite.  I looked thru my bedding, nothing,,maybe i stepped on something getting up during the nite.  If this keeps up i'll put off some of those bombs.  Usually don't do that unless i have a flea problem.  Good thing i had 2 tubes of itch stuff.  lol.  Almost used all of one.

My son has gone to Houston with his gf, to visit with her sister and take a vehicle back down there.  A Tahoe that gets 4 mpg.  It was bought from her BIL but when J had it apart, gonna fix it, the BIL made some comments about car dealers that made him so mad, he put it back like it was, gave her a KIA, 40 mpg.  So, the BIL can take it and shove it,,,lol.  Her whole family was mad at him for saying things like that.

Well anyway,, he asked me if i would go by and help his dad, my x, to doctor one of their cats, and i told him sure.  HA,,,that cat went ballistic.  Me, a stranger, holding that ,,bad word here, med, to put in his ear?? NO WAY.  He was holding him by the neck, but that didn't make a bit of difference.  He saw me, that med, and was no way to hold him.  I called this morning and he said he did get one ear done later. lololol  That he would sneak it in over time, try to get it all done.  Needed another one on his skin where he had scratched it raw.  That was after the vet had given him shots of antibiotics.

I ordered some crocs that i love, except they needed that 1/2 size more, which they don't do.  The whole size would be too large.  Got to checking what i had to do to send them back,,,HA!!!  Ain't gonna.  No way.  Wonder if there's a way to stretch the strap on the back?  They were on sale, so to send them back is just not practical.  Thot i could do this, order shoes online, but,,  It worked with the rock n roll ones,,, I looked at the store in Marble Falls, they didn't have these.

I was in the new mexican food place to eat supper last nite, and this little, like, 2 year old started screaming, NOT crying,, just doing it to be loud.  I was sitting about 2 tables away, and almost had to put my hands over my ears it hurt so bad.  She kept doing it, over and over, just to be loud, and sure enough,,the Mom sitting there on the cell phone, texting!  Saying, sssh,,but not doing anything.  Finally, this man (maybe the owner) came out of the kitchen area and took her out and they left.  I'll tell you one thing, i won't sit there and listen to that any more!  Don't care who it is.  Maybe i was hard on mine, but,,,they didn't get to go out with us, until they would behave.  They learned self control at a young age, they had to.  I didn't tolerate bad behavior.  Now, kids have none, don't have to.  Or, most of em.  There's still a few parents that raise kids right,,,lol.

Sundays are LONG days,,, seems to be anyway.  But yall tc, and


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Check out this great MSN video: Man vs. Angry Goose

Check out this great MSN video: Man vs. Angry Goose 

Watch this if you need a laugh today.  This is hilarious!  That's why i don't trust those out at the park.  lololol.  I remember when i was about 4, and one attacked me, scared me for life,,like that ol cow did.  I went out to get my granma's cow for milking one day, when i was maybe 12, and she was walking along just fine.  THEN, for no reason, she stopped, turned her head and looked at me, then the chase was on.  Good thing i was fast, and that's when i learned to slide,,going under that fence.  You sure couldn't get me back in that pasture with her.  Around here, you don't honk your horn to make the cattle move out of the way, that horn means feeding time.  I did that once, too,,had a whole herd surround me on the road, and more running in.

I was reading on Gypsy's blog, about her dog being sick,,,and i remembered something i did for years.  I had read it in my cat book.  I put like a 1/4 tsp of vinegar in their bowl of water,,,they couldn't taste it, and the fleas and ticks did NOT like them then.  Those collars just made everything go to their back end.  I use the drops on Jude now, cause he's not inside all the time, and drinks outside too.  Have to be sneaky, putting my glove on, opening it.  After one time, they know.  Jude's not as bad as the one that i lost a couple of years ago.

Been on the phone,, with SS, so yall take care, and


Friday, May 25, 2012

Cute little girl on so you think you can dance doing ballet after her mo...

This was absolutely precious last nite.  bbl

So boring around here, lately.  Same ol, same ol.  Guess i have the summer doldrums...and it's still spring.

I bought a box of steaks at Walmart last week, and i need to dig out my indoor grill.  It's under everything in my pantry,,,lolol.  It's a big round bowl thing, with a metal drip pan you add a little water to, and an electric burner.  My friend bought one years ago, and it worked so good, i did too.  See?  If i threw away things i don't use often, i wouldn't have that.   The meat tastes just like it was cooked on an actual outdoor grill.  Let's see, besides that, i have a crock pot, small deep fryer, convection oven.  (that might be all).  Using that crock pot for the bean soup sure did heat up my kitchen.  Would'nta thot it.  On one of my get-ups during the nite, i switched it off, let it sit til morning.

LOLOL,,,showing those oreo cattle on the news,,,They're black on both ends, have a big white stripe around the middle.  They weren't in the pen by the road last weekend or i was gonna take a pic of them, (the ones here).  I know there's another name, but they are called oreo too.  I looked them up the first time i saw them.  I don't even remember what country they're from.  Check them out here:

Well, now i've gotta find a watermelon,,talking about em, now seeing em on tv.  The frucose makes my blood sugar go up, so i'll have to limit it.  I dig it all out of the rind, put into a large bowl, so it's easier to eat.

Got leftovers today, some fish (frozen stuff) and that chicken, etc.  So, lunch time, yall tc, and


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hot and Sweaty

Seems i'm staying that way, even tho i'm inside, or in the car.  Way past those hot flashes,,,lol.  If i get up and move to do anything, i'm hot.  Not gonna turn the ACs down so,,sit still and stay cool...It's really not that bad,,just think it is sometimes.  If my body gets hot, takes a long time to cool off again,,that's the main problem.

Haven't heard from my niece, SS.  SOOOOO SS,,,are yall moving or not???  Seems we always moved in the summer,,July or August,,can you believe that?   But back then, heat didn't bother me like it does now.  I was acclimated, out in it a lot more.  Especially all the 15 years or so, i played softball.  When you start sitting under ACs all the time,,that's it!  Gosh, we grew up here with none,  just a huge swamp cooler.  That was all we had even when i had my last son, born in June.  Had to get in the car and drive him around for a couple of weeks with temps at 110 or above.  Those coolers just blow hot air with that hot water circulating in them.  You don't need a water heater in the summer.

WOOOHOOOO,,, my fav on IDOL,,won!!!  He's so humble,  and when he tried to sing at the end, he broke down, and just took off his guitar, and went off the stage and hugged his family.  I feel kinda sorry for him, he'll never have another moment's peace.  Another of my favs from a few years ago, Adam Lambert, just got another #1 on the charts.  He and Carrie Underwood.

Yep, heat has arrived,,watching the weather right NOW.  The wind was just about blowing a gale yesterday.

I read something in a book i'm into now,,that i never knew.  Way back, people used geese to weed their gardens.  Of course, as look outs too, like guineas.  They can really screech! lololol.

My feet hurt last nite for hours, after i went to bed.  It was after 2;30 before i went to sleep.  I took an aleve, but should've taken something stronger.   I didn't think i should take the other after the aleve, so i didn't.

Going to the shower,,so yall tc, stay cool, and


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wish I Knew Something New

Only thing i seem to know today is it's over the hump day again,,seems those show up way too fast.  Also, the heat is here.  I had to stop at the grocery for a couple of things, and i was sick at my stomach by the time i got back home, unloaded, and could just sit down again.

I bought a whole chicken,,lol, after all that talking about chicken, etc.  Now i'm not sure how i want to cook it, boil or roast.  I have that little contraption that you can cook beer can chicken on, but NOT gonna use the large oven.  Paula what's her name,,called it beer in the rear chicken.  (O yeah, Dean)  I have a convection oven, probably will use that.  I also bought a bag of 16 bean soup mix,,that will go into the crock pot tonite.   Sound good?  Did to me.  Gonna try to eat lots of protein, low carbs.

Guess i should mention,, after the comments yesterday,,i do shop at Walmart, not much choice.  I have no complaints about food stuff, just appliances, etc.  And I like the idea of all in one place.  And i will also say, no matter where you get anything, it might not last any longer either.  The 19" tv i bought for this room, had a loose connection there where you hook up the cable, and i didn't know it til the warranty was gone,,of course.  I have to wiggle it when the pic gets all snowy.  The volume doesn't work right either.  Goes up to a certain point and no more.  Don't buy an Emerson,,,lol.  I sure won't any more.  Who said it?,,You get what you pay for.  I'm a cheap ol lady,,,gotta be on what i have to live on,,,

I got my sprayer out this morning when i went out for the paper,,,but haven't gone back out and sprayed those burr weeds.  It was so hot there, East side, that i put it off.  I will get it done today.  Just stopped right there and went out and did it, and yeah, i'm hot...

To do my "get outa the house time" now,  not sure what i'll do.  Just about too hot to even sit in a shade and read, watch wild life.  Maybe take short rides, gas has gone down.  3.45 yesterday.  I still have to factor that in on anything i do, like my trip to Walmart, cost me almost 15.00,,,see what i mean?

I just saw Nancy Reagan on tv, OMG,,didn't know she was still alive!  And she was walking with someone.  Holding their arm, but,,geez.

I have thrown out 3 or 4 of those darned beetles since yesterday!  Did i tell you, i stepped on one one nite, barefooted,,yukkkk.  Wasn't on the carpet to pad it, either.

I have high hopes for my Idol guy, Phillip,,, That Jessica has the vocals, BUT, he has that,,something.  He will never have another moment of peace, win or lose.  I just kept hitting redial last nite, voting for him.  Even at my advanced years, i could almost swoon,,lolololol.  Do you ever get too old?  hahahahaha.

Ok,,yall tc, and


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guess The Heat Hasn't Forgotten Us

Gosh, thot we might make it til June, before that heat did.  That's what you get for wishful thinking.

I sure liked Hermit Jim's post about ice cream.  Makes me remember something i should always,,listen to your body.  When it starts craving, there's a reason.  I craved ice cream for quite a while, and now, it's gone.  Now,,coffee is a different story.  Gotta have that just to open my eyes in the mornings,,,  I've always had to laugh at SSs coffee, a cup of milk with a dollop of coffee.

I've got this big wall clock laying here on the table, going to the trash today.  Bought it at Walmart,,enough said.  Just a few months ago.  Can't make it even squeak now.  I could fill this whole page with stuff like that.  But there's not much choice on where to buy things around here.  Way back when my dotter was a teen, she got a clock in Austin, had BIG red numbers, and developed a hum after a while.  There were little lites that went around full circle for the minutes.  Well,,years and years later,,,i find one just like it at a garage sale and buy it,,has the same hum,,,lolololol.  Bro B keeps saying it has to be the same one,,hers,,because how would this OLD woman have come up with this far out clock?  Well, dotter went out in her store room and found hers just to prove it was, indeed, 2 of them.  I had to take mine apart and fix it once, and i could put something between the workings and the face and stop the hum, but it wouldn't last.  That, those, clocks just liked to sing.., Well, i brought hers up here and took it apart, too, but it had a nylon gear with too many teeth gone to fix.  Later, mine did the same..

Worst thing from Walmart was a push mower that the blade just broke off on one half of it while i was mowing!  Buried itself in the ground.  It broke just to one side of the middle!!  Then one came apart one time because none of the bolts had been tightened.  That was when you just put the handle on, these were all the others on it, just flew apart.

Got distracted so i'm outa here, tc, and



Monday, May 21, 2012

Love Being Retired,,,On Mondays,,,lol

Well,, i did remember the eclipse, but didn't see the whole thing.  Got to see like 3/4 before it got too low.  Then i looked on Youtube and there wasn't anything good of it.   I was looking out my window.  I had tried that cardboard with a pin hole, didn't work, so,,i decided if i saw it at all, would be just glancing out my window.  I think my location just showed that much of it anyway.

HEYYYY, the geese are back!!!,,,No babies tho :(.   They are all there.  I just drove thru there yesterday, and they act like they never left.  Don't know if something got the little ones or what, but figure that's what happened.

I turned my ACs back on yesterday, probably til fall, now.  Well, i rotate them daily. Pays off too,,,on my utility bill.  Even my dotter is running a window ac, and not the central.  Felt just fine too.  The only thing i hate about running them is this one in the dining room, runs all the time,,no way to set it to cut off when not cooling.  So i have that noise all the time.

My son stopped by for a few minutes yesterday and said everywhere he went, everybody was grinning ear to ear.  Had heard about his drive.  I'm not sure that ticket will matter on his insurance.  It was for improper take off.

I forgot to watch the Preakness, but that darn horse did the same thing he had done in the Derby!  UNREAL.  And here i am, can't remember the name,,,lolollolol.  Not even sure if Preakness is correct, so anyway, the same horse has won 2,,,by coming from way behind on the stretch and passing everything!  Makes me have chills to watch it.  SOOOOO COOOL.  I never was into horse races except back when my friends had one, and he ran like that too.,,,Then he came up dead one day, in his stall.  It was his first year.  They always thot someone poisoned him even tho the autopsy didn't show anything.  And i know autopsy isn't right, for a horse, but,,don't know the right one.

Ok, that's my story and i'm sticking to it,,,yall tc, and


Sunday, May 20, 2012

I think i found out why my eml files won't open now.  They're from OE which i don't have any more, and win 7 won't do them.  Don't know if there's a fix to this or not.  I was supposed to transfer from OE to Win Live Mail, while i still had it.  Now, who knew that?  I sure didn't.  Maybe i can get a tech sometime and check it out.  Supposed to be a chat help online.  Not gonna get into it now tho.  And all i was wanting to do was to put one on here,,,how to give a cat a bath.  One of the best of all.  Sooo, if anybody has that, please send it to me.

The bbq was great!  B cooked some steaks and pork chops, but those chops were MY choice.  Had lots of sides.  I got full too fast,,,lololol. wanted more.  There was washer tournys too.  Then all the younger ones went down to the river.  I got home just before dark.  Was a great time.

This new neighbor next door has this long greasy hair,,,well, he did.  (And there's nothing wrong with long hair, if it's taken care of)  I heard all this yelling yesterday, thot they were fighting, but,,,he had managed to get that hair hung in a pulley or something on his trailer.  It had rolled it up to his head.  And there he stood, bent over with his head against it.  One woman came out with scissors, and couldn't get it done, then the other one tried, no luck.  They called EMS, so the ambulance, fire trucks, cops, all showed up.  One of the ems finally got the hair cut loose.  Was a lot gone. lmao.  When i left to go to Ns, he was sitting on the back porch getting the rest cut off.  That whole group is weird.  I don't associate.

DD was talking about how he liked to talk to people.  I've always loved to hear the stories from the older generations.  Like, my x father in law,,lived like a hermit out on the ranch, but how i wish i had recorded the stories he told.  This is just one,,,,The first settlers settled there, where this ranch is, and of course, there were Indians that would raid their crops, livestock, etc.  The Indians would leave for the winter season and go South.  Comanches, i think.  One year, there were no crops, so there was no food for the winter coming up.  The Indians loaded up and left.  BUT,,they came back with food for the settlers to last them thru the winter!  On a bank of the creek there were still prints of where the tepees had been.  There is still an old cemetery, surrounded with an old iron fence, a log cabin, and out in a pasture, 2 granite grave stones, one with German names and dates.  There's also a family cemetery too.  The man that my son took for the ride in the GTO owns that now.  It's on the river of course.  There were lots of stories about the fil too,,,lololol,,like,,he would get on his tractor and come to town to go to the bars.

I think a nap is calling,,so yall tc, and


Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Travels,,,lol


On a ranch about 9 miles E of town.

The only ones I know are the red/white faced ones are herefords.  Don’t know the black or   the white ones.  (2 of the white).  They always have them separated like this too.  I went past them and turned around and went back to get the pics.  Had meant to do it a lot of times, just never had.  I’ll try to get a pic of the oreo ones out W of town… Maybe today.  Going out that way to Ns for the bbq.  IF I can cross the slab, might have to use the other road.

I did get that dreaded trip to Walmart over with.  Just got in the car and did it.  I picked up this 2 bowl set, big ones, with lids that I’ve needed for a long time, and later, way over in the grocery part, I found this set of 6!!! with lids for the same price.  A whole rack of them, why there I don’t know, but yeah, I put the other one there and got the 6 pc set.  Now I wish I had gotten a couple of more for gifts,,,at 4.50 a set.

Got back about 6;30 and J had a couple of his cars up at Inman’s Kitchen for a car show, so I went by there, just barely caught some of the Blue Grass music before they quit.  BUT,,I did get my laugh for the month,,, J took this man  for a ride in his 72 GTO, and I left too.  In a minute I’m hearing,,an older model yellow car is doing donuts in front of Coopers,,(was Inmans) then,,,(I’m dialing my phone) reading off classic car plates,,,ooo no,,,he’s not answering,,, have him at the city limits,,,almost hit this van when he took off at the light, went sideways,,,etc,,, (didn’t,,the tracks were straight for about 40 yards,,)  I went back and waited at Inmans.  They finally show up, and I have to start laughing,,they were too.  The van was being driven by an off duty cop,,,hahahahaha.  (who’d a thot?) So his friend,,the one on duty,,kinda had to give him a ticket,,for improper take off, with the other one standing there.   Couldn’t get his speed,,(over 100 just for a sec.)  He told her to come by after she got off and take it for a drive,,she said,,oooo noo way.  lolololol  Made that man’s day,,,hahahaha

This is the rain gauge I’ve wanted forever.  Had one out there when I moved here, but the holder thingys broke, and the stump disappeared.  Now,,bring on that rain!  And I don’t know where it is now.


My mower man came by and mowed today.  Maybe it will last a while.  Well, that means heat,,sooo, hope NOT.   I need to spray some more round up,,got some more of those burr things that are horrible.  Stick in the bottom of your shoes, get all in the house.  They just showed up around here a few years ago.  Have little purple flowers,,don’t know what they are.  The burrs come apart when they dry out.

Hey,,,it’s noon, better do ,,uh,,,ummm,,well,,,something,, yall tc, and


Friday, May 18, 2012

Dum de Dum de..............

Got nothing to say today either.  Slept really late, 9:30, so i'm way behind.  Just got the shower, and dishes done.  I needed to go to Marble Falls, BUT, not gonna.  Can't go tomorrow, it's a bbq out at sis Ns house.  Her dotter's graduation party.  She graduates on the 25th, and is leaving the 26th to go to Houston, stay with her dad til her school starts.  It's a 2 year school, but don't ask me the name, kinda a prep for later, college.  She wants to find a summer job.  Gonna leave N all alone,,lol.  Big change.

Reading MsBs blog today, i had to laugh,,sry,,,,She saw this little something in her laundry? house, thot it could be a snake.  In case yall don't know it,,,a cat will darn sure let you know if there's a snake around.  They smell GOOD!  and a snake smells.  Their hair will stand straight out, and they'll be sniffing,,backing up,,crouching and running away.  I saw mine do that and i did look, just didn't move that stuff in the corner,,,where the rattlesnake was.  That was in my laundry room too, just inside the back door, so i spent a whole nite with that thing in my house.  Somewhere back in one of my blogs, i told this.  Wellll, maybe i didn't,,,can't find it.  I found it the next day, in the living room.  We both froze, and i almost picked it up, but there was just something about those black stripes on it's tail that made me hesitate.  Later bro B told me the diamonds don't show up til they're about 2 years old.  There was nothing close i could grab, then it ran under my chair, so i flipped it over, and it went into a corner and curled up.  I finally could reach one of those long lighter things on the mantel, so i squished it's head.  Raked it into a trash can and took it out.  It was about 18" long and just had a button.

My son J got a call once, from a wrecking yard here, that he had found a baby rattler. J went to get it, and it was maybe 12" long, and had swallowed a mouse, and couldn't move.  Back then, he didn't have a camera like now, so he didn't even think about taking a pic before he skinned it out.  Said it took forever, it was so small.  About the size of a pencil.

OK enough about snakes,,,lololol.  And all i wanted to say was,,,cats make good guards.  hahaahaha.   Jude was sniffing and looking under my sofa one time, so i moved it,,(see, i learned)  and there was that gopher that the other one had let get away.  Well, Jude took off running, the coward.  Didn't say anything about protecting you, just alerting.....lmao  Had this little mouse in here one time, and Jude always showed me where it was, under the fridge mostly, and he would try to catch that.  But when i caught 2 on sticky paper, he ran.  hahahahaha.

Ever had a cat get on that?  hahahaha ,,,I did one time, knew exactly what she had done when i heard this gawdawful commotion going on.  Finally caught up with her on top of a chest of drawers, and used the oil to get it off.  Was sure glad J had told me about that.  Who reads directions?  In case yall need to know, that paper WORKS! And i did have it behind something,,,she was just snooping.

Wow, 1 pm,,gonna be a short day, and yeaaaaaaa,,, Phillip made the cut last nite on Idol.  The other 2 do have the voices, but,,,he has that special X factor,,looks like a young Steve McQueen too.

Yall tc, and



Thursday, May 17, 2012

No Post Today

Got into trying to figure out why my eml files won't play, spent hours and still don't know.  Then G came by, so, day gone.

Gotta watch Idol tonite,,,going down to 2, and,,,Adam Lambert will be on.   So,,will try to be back tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

O Gosh, Hump Day Already

Today being Wed.,,i'm due a drug delivery, and it's almost 11:30 and it's not here yet.  Do i call to be sure it's coming?  They are almost always here before 11.  The worst thing, i used the last this morning, my Spiriva.  Guess i'll give it a little more time, then call.

The heat is coming back, will have to run the ACs by the weekend.  We did get a lot of rain, have no idea of the total,,lol, but i will next time.  I put my new giant gage up this morning.  Bring it on!  I'll get a pic later, that darn camera is in the car, always in the wrong place.

Ok did call, and the lady is out now with my spiriva.  OOO hear her now... OK got it.  Last time i got a 3 month supply, and now this is one,,WTH?  who knows?

I'm making some chicken salad, but just got it started, having to wait on the eggs now.  Have yall noticed these cans of chicken,,how much is in them?  NOT MUCH! I don't think it's the same amount as it used to be, most of it is liquid.  After i drained the water off, it's about a 1/3 of a can of chicken left.  The woman that used to announce all the baseball games over the years, made the best!  I still have her recipe,,she would boil a whole chicken, then de-bone it.  I still have a recipe from a girl that played with us, and later bought a bakery.  Her bread pudding.  Know who i'm talking about, SS?  lolololol.  Saw her a couple of days ago, at the store.

I used to wag SS around all the time.  She was sooooo cute, and could say the best things...One time, going by this huge church in Austin, she said,,," OOO, that's a Jesus House".  She was maybe 3.  One more,,,her mom gave her a bath and told her to come here, let's get your drawers on,,,she laughed and said,," those aren't drawers, those are panties",, mom said,," well, you can call them drawers sometimes if you want to"  SS,,,"does that mean i can call my dresses closets?"  About the same age... she always could talk like an adult,,  My son and bro B used to ride her around on their bikes, whatever, B on his unicycle with her on his shoulders.  She just sat there, trusting them totally.

She sent me a Mother's Day ecard.  Totally surprised, and loved it.

I know i'm forgetting something i was gonna say, ,,,it's gone now, but,,if i remember, i'll do it later.

Yall tc, and


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Way it Was

Well, i seem to be back to normal,,whatever that is.  Don't know why i felt lousy the last 2 days, but really glad it's gone.

I woke up about 8:30 and it was raining!,,,On tv it's saying we got about 1.3,,,I will get myself that rain gauge today!!!  Then i can say,,;hmmm,,, got blank blank here at my  We laugh, bro B and me, about bro G and his rain gauge.  He always has just a little more than anybody else. hahahaha.  He's the one that lives about 1/2 a block from me,,so will be interesting,,lolololol.

SS called yesterday and we talked a LONG time...Love it.  Told me they might be moving to another town.  O yeah, i was gonna look it up, see where it is, she told me in E TX.  That's a part of TX i;m not familiar with.

I am not seeing any of the ducks, geese, etc, out at the park, any more.  Well, plenty of squirrels.  Sure haven't seen the baby beavers.  About 2 weeks ago, i did hear the geese from up the river, so i guess they're still there with babies?,,,I'll know when they come back, there were 13 of them before. Then some more here in town at the other park.  Don't see them either.

From the time i was a kid, we raised things.  Like,,3 squirrels,,had em for years.  These were things that had to be bottle fed.  A skunk too.  My dad loved that one,, loved to laugh when someone came to the door, and this skunk ran up to it to see who it was...We had it de-scented.  Back then the vets would do that, now,,they won't touch them.  After it grew up, and started staying outside,,it finally wandered off.  Throw in a ring tail, lots of baby rabbits, a coon, but the most fascinating was the baby owl,,a great horned owl.  I sure didn't know they were meat eaters,,got a book from the library to research them.  lol,  Son J had to hunt every day for it.
Later, after it started staying outside, he could call it, and hold out his food for it, and it would fly in,,,right into your face, you would think it was going to hit you, then suddenly drop straight down.  We had reports of strange acting owls for years,,,lol.  Like, friendly.  No fear.  Doing it's thing in daylight,,Once hubby saw one sitting on the end of the bridge when he went to work, just watching the traffic go by.  One lady told me one had flown down to the ground when she was out in her garden.

Think i might should get in the shower, almost noon.

 OOOO yeah!!!,, J has these HUGE ants he caught, big as wasps,  that he doesn't know what they are.  They have wings, and there were huge swarms of them out where his gf lives, under the lites, a few nites ago.  They had thot they were crazy ants, but after seeing the pics i had cut out of the paper, they're not.  He said he had seen them about 15 years ago.  I'd sure like to know what they are, don't need things like fire ants, bad stuff, coming around.

Ok,,really am outa here, so yall tc, and


Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Monday,,,

Just don't feel like blogging today, so ,,,yall tc, and


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gotta Quit Looking at Sales!

Ok,,here it is,,almost 1 pm,,so it's not good morning,,but, good day to yall.  I'm still sitting here, just got thru reading the blogs, emails,,etc.  But the reason is, my dotter came by and stayed a while.

And, i did get this floor mopped, had so much fuzzy stuff i had to do it!  Gets that way kinda easy. I'm gonna blame it on Jude,,,lol.  He is really scratching lately, don't know why.  Not fleas.  The x told me theirs were doing it too, and the vet didn't even know why.  Assume allergys of some kind.  So that's how it's getting a lot of ,,fuzzy, in here.

Slept good last nite, but the nite before, i woke up one time and felt like it was hard to breathe.  I had been having a dream about being under water, not being able to get my breath, so,,then i wake up.  Took a while to get back to normal.  Do any of yall have sleep apnea? *  As far as i know i never have, but could this have been an episode?  Hope it never happens again,,,don't want to wear one of those masks.

Gosh, it's just toooo easy to order something online!  Got a darn email about crocs being on sale 75% off, so,,yeah u guessed it,,i had to order a pair.  I had looked for these over at Ace and they didn't have this style, and guess what color i ordered?  lololol,,,RED of course.  I'm just not a black or brown person!!!  Or white for that matter.  Gotta have COLOR!  It's a sling back with a solid toe.  Something i can just slip my foot in, with or without socks.

I think all these web sites know i'm a sucker.  I did sign up on Google to quit getting all those ads everywhere i went, tho.  Like, every time you looked at something, the ads followed you everywhere.  But, like i told my dotter, if it's been a while, i don't remember how i did

 She said she gave her BF a laptop for his birthday, and he's totally green,,,hahahahaha,,,gonna be fun there.  Also, he got online, so he can take it with him when he has to drive the trucks everywhere in TX.  She couldn't get him to even come out and look at a hummingbird nest she found,,,too much to see, too many places to go,.,, lolololo.

Yall tc, and


Saturday, May 12, 2012

IT”S Saturday,,,Hmmmm


River is up a little.  Really muddy tho.  Look just under the tall white sign, and that’s the dam.


For Mother’s day,,,



My tree damage,,,,lololol.


I woke up at 7 THIS morning and went right back to sleep.  Now I’m way behind,,,I guess.  IF I’m on any kind of schedule.

My pics are so bad I almost don’t wanna publish them.  I never was into photography, and just never cared to learn.  OR,,put money into all that high priced stuff to do it with.  I see all these others that are so good, makes me NOT want to put mine out…SOOOO, Here they are, like em or not.  Best I’m gonna do.

I did put money into video cameras, for all the good it did, now I don’t have that either.   All that was in the store rooms theft.  Those had started way back when the kids were small.  Even had on one, their water wiggle being used in the back yard, before our german sheppard killed it.  lololol,,,She hated that thing.  One had the kids,,and bro B, on their bicycles jumping into a huge mud puddle.  Bro B was about 4 years older than son J. Wouldn’t his kids have loved those now?  lololol.  Seeing their dad in action younger than they are? 

My best friend lost all her pics when she moved here from Houston.  Never found out what happened to them.  That was years ago.  I do have those, what few I took, because I had the movie camera.

Well folks,,I need to make a move here, maybe get in the shower, get something started.  So yall tc, and







Friday, May 11, 2012

Another Week Older, and,,,,

Have no idea why i woke up about 7 this morning and could NOT go back to sleep!  Finally came dragging out after i heard my coffee making.  I did sleep really good during the nite, like,,just woke up once, so ,,,maybe that's it.

Had to laugh last nite, (maybe not funny) but i laughed anyway.  Everybody around here knows to watch for high water when it rains buckets like yesterday,,,right?  About 9;30 there was a disturbance call way down E on a city street and a deputy turned off of Hwy 71 to assist.  In a minute i heard,,,BIG WATER.  Then,,,silence....You're thinking,,,,gosh, that idiot went into that creek!  After about a minute of silence, then i heard,,,"I need a wrecker."  hahahahaha,,,I know i've got a warped sense of humor, but that is still making me laugh.  There was so much rain in such a short time everything was up and roaring, even the little draws that normally stay dry.  Son said that little draw out there where gf lives got up to the steps.  So yeah, a big creek is gonna be up and roaring.  I guess he wrecked his car to keep out of the water,,a smart move.  Not a smart move was taking that cut off to start with.  Or not to be going slow enough to check out the creek.  2 small CRoads  were closed for a while.

And no, i have no idea how much rain we got.  Don't look like anybody's gonna give me a rain gauge ,,so i guess i'll have to get one myself.  I want one of those giant ones with the big floating ball.  When my dotter asked for a list that was the first thing.  And the only place to get one is where she works.  Cause i looked at other places.  Tell you what, if i don't get one for Mother's day, i will get over there and do it.

J went to Fredericksburg yesterday, his doc is there once a week, and got a lot more injections in his back.  I didn't know it til he called about 4'30 pm asking about tornado warnings around.  Then he still took time to stop at Walmart and the chicken place before he headed back.  The rain was BAD, and coming over that mountain range is bad too.  He showed up here about 6 with a flower arrangement for me.  He was barely moving.  Gotta get that surgery done!

I have to make a stop at the library today!!!  I've read almost all the Lee Child books, one left, so i have to spend time hunting another author to read.  I sometimes look at the best seller list and find other books by those authors.

Yall tc, and


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bring It ON!

I'm stillll,,,LMAOOO...Gotta love her,,,SS, i mean.  Thx for joining me,,,SS.   You'll find out how to leave a comment, got faith in you.

Guess what,,, i didn't get my oil and filter changed yesterday,,,the building was full.  And that lake at the front door was being filled in.  Told him np,, not going anywhere.  Yet.  Love watching that radar,,all that stuff coming this way.  Today, tonite, tomorrow.....wooohoooo.  Bring it on!

My shows are ending,,,the Biggest Loser, the Voice,, 2 weeks left of Idol,,mercy!  But i think i'll like Howard Stern on America's Got Talent.  Better than Piers Morgan by a long way.  So You Think You Can Dance starts about then,, Heck, might be better than now.

There was a channel 7 van sitting down by the dam here in town yesterday.  I saw them get out, and film about 10 seconds, then forgot to watch it.  Long drive for that, but maybe there was more in other places.  It's the fox network.

Wow, it's 1 pm,,,where did my day go?  O,,,my bro G came by for a while.  The gate thing is still going on.  He had run across the mayor and been told that he would call another meeting,,to let us know what their legal system had said.  Might be time to get out the glue,,,lololol.

Ok,,i don't nap anymore, well, rarely, but today?,, Think i'm gonna.  Eyes don't want to work,,i think they need a rest.  Nothing else going on,,,it's the weather,,,that's what.  Yall agree?

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another Day in the Life Of,,,,

Just watched weather, saying BIG rains coming Thurs nite, over 3" or more.  Do we believe that?  I'm for wait and see.  Would love it, tho.  Around here we never get enough.

Gotta get my oil and filter changed in a bit.  Been a year, and about 6000 miles.  Just don't go anywhere.  Was going to take it to another place, but J volunteered.  Just don't want him doing anything to hurt his back.

Well, Christina's team was in last place last nite!,,,hahahahaha,,she ruined her own chance, and i really feel sorry for the singer Chris.  I went to the web site and so many felt the same way i did.  She needs to be taken off, after what she did.

I was so sore yesterday was hard to move at all.  I finally remembered what i had done and that was bending over so long, cleaning out a cat litter box, all parts of it, outside.  Then, combining 2 of them, cause one hasn't been used in so long, i just emptied it.  Jude goes outside, so this one is rarely used, but there in an emergency.  SS, Jude is the one i brought home from your house years ago.  I was there helping SS with a garage sale before they moved, and this woman and i got to talking about cats, and she told me about him, then ,,,brought him to me in a carrier, said i could have it too.  He had wandered up to her house, and she had taken care of him, til i showed up.  lololol. He's a fantastic cat.  And, the only one i have now.

That's all,,,so yall tc, and


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good Accidents Happen,,Too

Got an email from my niece up by Ft Worth, had forgotten where this blog i sent it back.  I don't do facebook, look on there every once in a while, and to me, this is how I keep in touch.  Soooo,,,,, welcome,,SS.

Got a call from J a bit ago, was over in Marble Falls, asking when the bad weather was gonna show up,,Told him all i'd seen was just rain today, no bad stuff.  My phone, most of em in town i think, was off last nite and still, this morning.  But before i called in, it came back on.  It was the same as last time,,no phone, but had internet,,that one wire, remember?,,,And i think i accidently found out why my answering machine was silent when someone was leaving a message.  I had looked before, in the book and all, but,,going thru setup last nite, i found it,,,turned it on.  I had never been able to hear who was leaving a message at the time they were doing it.

I watched the Voice finale last nite, and was so put out with Christina that even if i could have, (busy all the time), i wouldn't have voted for her team.  I looked on their facebook page and i'm sure not the only one.  I think it probably caused her singer to lose.  We'll know tonite....

We had lots of high water last nite, and a lot of blown down trees, tree limbs.  The county was kept busy putting up barricades for both.  Or cutting up big trees to move.  Places had high water that hasn't for years.  We got just under 3", according to KXAN, but S of us got lots more.  Made those creeks rise,,,lol.

I've been cold all morning.  Even turned a burner on on my stove.  Dug out my warm houseshoes, robe.  Still feeling good.  Didn't use ACs last nite, either.

All for today,,yall tc, and


Monday, May 7, 2012


Didn't get to see a moon, the last 2  days we've had storms move in, and this last one was not good.  Lots of hail, not so bad here at my house, up to a nickel size, but a mile W of town, was golf ball size.  My son's gf lives out where it was that bad, and the car she has been driving, got lots of dings.  His, not so much, they were putting them under an oak tree, during the hail,,,he said he has 2 bumps on his head.  She had her head covered with a better cover.  

That hail would come and go, you would think it was over, and here it came again.  One time i looked out a W window and the rain was going straight to the S, then the next time,,to the N.  Back and forth.  Got more coming the next few days,,according to the weathermen.  Bring it on!

A few of us started snacking on the fish yesterday, on the first out of the pot...We were all wanting the tails,,,lolololol.  She cooks the bones,,with the tails, yummmm. Lots of good eating left after filleting.  Gosh, don't know how much they cooked, but lots!  I got full too fast!!!, couldn't eat enough!!!!!  It was like i took something to knock me out,,,got so sleepy.  I came home and tried to nap twice, and never did go to sleep, but HAD to shut my eyes.  Twice.

Got one of those sore ulcers on the side of my tongue.  Used to have one all the time, when i smoked.  So i don't know why i have this one now.  Haven't eaten lots of tomatoes.

Yall tc, and


Sunday, May 6, 2012

No Moon, But,,,A Fantastic Lightening Show

Got a lunch invite,,FISH!  So not much today.  Didn't see that moon at all, those storms moved in right at dark, and stayed all nite,,,was still lightening this morning.  Great show!  We got over an inch, not sure how much, maybe 1.67.  Might happen again today, and more chance for the next week.

Yall tc, and


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Guess I'm Late

Not gonna be much today, forgot and got into some other stuff.  If i vary from my routine, it puts me off.  Went back to see if i had any comments, and ,,,found i hadn't even done a new one!

No plans, boring day, and another one tomorrow.  It's that weekend thang.  Used to be ,,,TGIF, party time,, rest on Sunday.  Maybe that's why it's so boring now.

I ate at our new mexican place yesterday, for supper.  Had a tostado, and a small chili con queso with some pico in it.  It was great!  The tostado was loaded up with all kinds of goodies.  You had to use other chips to eat it all.  I can't eat their sauce they bring out with the chips at first, way too hot.  I told the waitress they needed to put the prices on the ticket, so people would know what to tip.  I had no idea.  But don't you look at the total to know how much?  I do. 15% is my usual.  BUT, that is for a good waitress, not one that brings the food and never comes back...Those get XXX.

I went by the new Italian one, but,,just didn't sound good yesterday.  Bro B likes it, but he likes spaghetti.  I'll try it some time.

Got a load of laundry done early today,,,that's probably what messed up my routine,,lol.  Needed something to wear, washed it all.  Might just go out and drive another back road today.  I think most of the flowers are gone, but might run across other things,,like those zebras! hahahahaha  J, B, and G are going out to nephew Ws today and look around for arrowheads.  B just told me it's too darn hot right now, will have to be later.  I might go by there later.  It's about 12 miles W.  but not on Ns road.

OOOO YEAH,,,gotta see the moon come up tonite!!!!!!!  I want to see it come up over that rise, not see it later when it actually  becomes full.  Might go to where i can see it over the river.  Yeah!

Yall tc, and


PS  BB reminded me of this,,,and i thot i knew it all, but,,i did NOT know there were her/him people until about 2 years ago!  I had read something about it in a book, and lo and behold,,,here's Oprah with one on her show!!  He/she is married to a woman, and he/she had a baby.  For real.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Too Hot NOW!

I did get some sleep last nite.  Actually slept about 6 straight hours after waking up once.  That's rare.

Gonna get hot today,,watch my weather thingy,,,later.  Already 84 at 11 am.  10% chance of rain,,think we'll get any?  lol, Sometimes it comes a flood with that.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

I hate running this little ac in here.  It has a horrible rattle, but i can't make it quit.  It just does it when the compressor comes on.  I can adjust the in/out air and make it stop for a few minutes, but,,,it comes back.  It runs all the time, another thing i don't like.  I want them to cut off when the compressor does.  This one was given to me, so,,i'll use it til it dies, but, no more that won't cut off.  It's just a little 5000 btu, but, the most coolingest little thang i ever saw!!

I don't think my yards gonna need mowing any time soon,,,lol.  No rain for just these few days, hot, and already there's lots of dead weeds.  That new neighbor next door is so lazy he just mows and weed eats in the front and sides where it can be seen from the road.  Lets the back and here right out my back door, behind his storage shed, grow with beggar lice and all the other bad weeds.  Will be a bad fire danger when they die.  Idiot.

I made some ramen with chicken thrown in for lunch yesterday.  Might just make some more.  Ate it for supper too.  I dug around in my freezer and found a few packages of cooked chicken to use.  Was a roasted one at one time.

I've been looking for a treadmill, just a cheap one, to use now.  Can't walk in the heat, and don't wake up early enough to do it.  Just a plain one, at a thrift store, cause i don't know how long i would use it. lol.  Reminds me, i should dress and run down to one before they close at noon.

So yall tc, and


Thursday, May 3, 2012

No Sleep,,,

Operating on just a few hours of sleep, so no post today.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Memories,,, are Made of This,,,

I've looked around the new blogger interface before, and it's just something you get used to, BUT, not gonna til i have to.  Maybe they'll back off, never do it, so many protested.  There are changes i welcome, and changes i don't, will do it my way.  Have you ever just stopped, and thot about all the changes that have happened just in your life time?  Blows your mind.  (if you got any left,,,lol)  Like me, i take so much for granted now that were huge changes back then.  I think the internet was the one that made the most difference to me.  

Back in 1996, when i bought my 1st Intel computer, there was just one company to get online with, and then i was limited ,,,,get this,,,to 40 hours a MONTH!!  It was so slow,,that was no problem,,lolllololol.  That first computer wouldn't connect, and i had fits for months,,about 4, taking it back and forth to Best Buy.  Left it there once, and a few days later they told me it was fixed, so off i went to get it.  I asked them if they had plugged it in and checked it, and they lied,,said yes.  Got home,,NOT fixed.  I was furious by then.  Called Houston, and they sent 2 people to my house, and they still couldn't fix it!!!,,Can anybody guess what the problem was?  They had replaced the modem.  Maybe more than once by then.  The last one that spent hours on it, asked me to call him if i ever got it fixed and left his number.  Ended up with the company picking it up, taking it to Houston, and sending it back in about 3 days.  I called and asked,,,????,  and the only problem,,all this time!!! was,,,the modem was plugged in to the wrong slots!!!  This was 4 months later.  I did call the man, and he said he had looked at that, but didn't change it.  When they had replaced it, they had just put it back the same.  That was the one that got blasted by the lightening later.

Got all my drugs delivered a bit ago.  I couldn't wait til the new drug store opened with the drive thru,,HA,, After i spent 20 minutes waiting in line cause they don't know how to run a drive thru, i gave up.

Ate my waffles about 11, after sleeping til almost 9.  I tried it without the ACs on yesterday, except i ran the one in the bedroom last nite.  Not gonna do that anymore, just too muggy.  Not a breeze at all.  In the 90s is just too much for me.  It is still cloudy.  All we can hope for,,,clouds,,not rain.

Going, going,,,gone,,,yall tc, and


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Do you know what May Day is?  I read it in the paper this morning, and now i've already forgotten,,,something to do with workers.  NOT gonna go back and look either.  All i remember is May 1 is May Day.

I keep seeing all the talk about using the new interface,,,,and i'm not gonna til i have to either.  I do agree with most everybody, why change a good thing?

DD, there's no telling how many days i spent at drags.  Or motorcross, or,,drag boats,,,lol.  I tried to take pics of the cars i have hanging on my wall, but the glass made them terrible.  They are just some of the GTOs, one yellowbird mixed in, that were taken at car shows, belonging to my son and his dad.  They have been totally redone, and he has won top of show a few times with one original 72.  Another yellow 72 he has won first place in lots of drags,,after driving it there, putting on the slicks in the parking lot.  Between the 2 of them they have enough to do their own shows. lol.

All my shows are ending.  The Voice, the Biggest Loser,  others going to reruns.  Last nite i recorded 2 hours of sitcoms to watch later.  Hey, i like to laugh, so sue me.  Last week's 3 1/2 men made me have tears,,,laughing.  And Mike and Mollie too.

Got all done today except dressing, but,,,,like my caftan to lounge around in.  Not gonna get out til later anyway.

Got nothing on my mind,,,already spouted off about all i can think of, so yall tc, and