Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just Bringing Up to Date

Just got my bed changed, don't know how i can put that off so long,,,lol.

Took J to Marble Falls yesterday to a dermatologist,,,and the two places on his face were ok,,, but did freeze one off. 

He took one of their cats to the vet the day before, and when he called later, it was bad.  He didn't make it, so he had to pick him up and go bury him when we got back.  It had pneumonia, and we don't know how it would have gotten that.  He had all his shots and all.

I was so tired, it was all i could do just to get in my chair later.  I made it thru the Voice, and hated the winner, but,,that usually happens.  When Trevin got knocked off, i quit even liking the last 3.  All these shows seem to do that, pick the wrong one.  There's so darn many now, i'm gonna have to cut down,,,lolololol.   And tonite is the finale of the X Factor.

I set my vcr to record 4 of my sitcoms Monday nite, while i watched to finale of the Voice, and into the second hour, noticed it wasn't running!  Still don't know what i did, but missed them.  I'll have to try and find them online later,  and one of them said it wouldn't air online for 2 weeks.

They keep talking gun control, etc. and i have to appreciate our governor, Perry, wanting to pass the right for licensed people to carry guns everywhere!  One of our counties here in TX does that, and the teachers, licensed of course, carry guns, if they want to.  The principal said they were 30 minutes from help if a gunman came in shooing, but was seconds now.  How can that not be better?  He said they wouldn't be calling parents telling them they had lost their child, they would be calling and saying there had been an incident, but the gunman was dead, all kids were safe.

One woman testified years ago, after the Killeen shooting in a Lubys, that if she hadn't taken her gun out of her purse and left it in the car, she would still have her Mother and Dad. 

O well, i know there are lots of you out there that would never agree with this, but,,,, i hope you are never in a situation that having a gun would have kept a loved one alive.  I don't have a hand gun, and never will, but,,,i don't think people are wrong to carry one.

I'm ready for that front, now.  All my warm clothes are clean, bed changed, bring it on...and plz plz,,maybe some rain too?

Yall tc, and