Saturday, February 2, 2013

Down, Off? Who Knows?

Internet was down, off?,, for a while this morning.  Kept rebooting my modem, checking connections, etc.  Then, it was just back on.  So I don't think it was my problem.

Been cleaning my keyboard skins I do have, and I think it is gonna work great.  Never could find a place to order them, and in there on my computer desk,,,o wow, found a package of 2.  Couldn't tell if they were used or not, so,,,I've been cleaning them this morning.  One is about 2" too short but i'm cleaning it anyway.  I put a clean one on and it is wonderful, so it did work.

The stores with computers do not have these any more, and now I can't find a place to order what I need.  Found lots of them, just couldn't determine if they would be long enough or not.  In looking, I found how to clean them.

I had to laugh yesterday, til my face hurt!  And then I kept on.. J came walking up to the door all stiff and bent over, then said,,,"therapy sucks!"  He was so sore he could barely move.  Guess I have a strange sense of humor, but he had to join me, and we both laughed til tears ran down our faces.  He needs a hot tub bad, but none available.

He just bought a house,  a beautiful older house on 4 lots.  I told him yesterday, he bought the lots, the house was free.  We all love it.  The papers will be signed the 22nd, and we can't wait.  He said when he walked in the front door, he KNEW that was the one,,,told the real estate agent,,"i'll take it",,,lol.  He made an offer about 1/2 what they were asking, they came back with 3000 added to it, and he signed up right then.  It didn't even have time to get listed on the agency's web site.  When the agent put the sign up, he put 'sold' on it too. lololol  Pics later.

I watched a little over 1/2 of the Green Mile last night,,,gosh, it was hard to turn off and go to bed.  And this is my 3rd or 4th time!

OO yeah!!!,,,sure nuff, went by Bs and there was a pot,,bought a number for 10.00, 100..00 pot, and got a 7!,,,Great one.  The  way these work is... you add the scores for both teams together,,,like,, 21-6,,, that makes 27.  The number on the right wins the pot!,,,It's ME,,,lolololol.  Now I don't give a hoot who wins,,,just root for my 7!  And you can think you have it, and right at the end, can change.  So you never count your chickens,,,,,

Yall tc, and