Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rain, Rain, Come This Way

Wooohooo, showers all around,,,and i mean around here.  None here.  But above us got good rains, so river flow today is better, hasn't had time to get here yet, but, here are the readings.  J=42 M=25 L=4.   Small chance to get a few more today.  Maybe one will hit us.  But what makes the river get up, are the rains up in Junction and Mason.  There was one in Marble falls, just as i was leaving Walmart, then there had been a good one in Kingsland, water was still running in the gutters.  So,,,TYTYTY HJ,,,lolololol,,,You DID send some this way.

Talking about fish today, a few years ago, this man caught one over there in Inks or LBJ, can't remember the one for sure, doesn't really matter.  He had fished all his life, and didn't know what this one was, so he took it around various places there in Granite Shoals, and finally found out it was a barracuda. Now, the question is,,,are there more?  Or was this one raised in an aquarium and then turned loose?  Haven't heard of any more being caught, so maybe this was the only one.  Not getting ME out on that lake.  lololol  Alligators are kinda common, and a big one was just taken out of one of the lakes a few weeks ago.

Gotta tell u this story about the baseball coaching nephew,,,while they were living over in Lampasas.  They had gone to the coast and when they came back, he had talked my niece into bringing this 4 ft gator back with them.  (Thot she had a little sense).  They taped up it's mouth and got it back and put it in this little space in the fenced back yard, with the kiddie pool and all.  I was horrified!!!  Here are these 2 little girls of theirs, and you could lean over this deck thingy and look at the gator.  Then it found out it could climb the vines all over the fence and get out.  Yep, u already know, don't ya.  It came up missing.  My niece was in the grocery store, checking out, when she glanced over and saw the headlines in the local paper,,,Alligator Found!!!  She just about passed out,,,hahahahaha, grabbed a paper on the way out and read all about this gator scaring this young couple to death when they went home the nite before.  It was in their drive way, wouldn't let em get by.  (What the paper said).  They called 911 and sat in their car til help arrived.  Then the round up began.  hahahahaha.  Took just about every officer, game warden, and official to get this itsy bitsy gator caught, but they did.  Then someone drove it back to the coast and released it.  OMG.  ZIP the LIPS.  Never ever tell WHO did this!!  This baseball coach that had just been named the Coach of the Year in the whole SE Texas division?  No way.  Nah, he wouldn't do that.  That gator musta tied his own mouth up, jumped in their  vehicle, and hitchhiked back with them. 

This same guy is so totally useless when it comes to anything but coaching.  I was there one time when they moved into another house.  We all were working like crazy, loading, unloading,,etc.  Guess who decided the yard needed mowing?  hahahahaha  He had no idea what to do, so that's what he did.  (Didn't need it) I can make fun of him cause i luv him too.  When there's anything like painting, remodeling, or something, best thing he can do, is stay out of the way. lolololol  A whole trailer needed unloading, and he was carrying one little thing in at a time. 

Tried to eat one of the big M's $ double meat, cheese burger yesterday.  Took the top bun off, and all i could get down was a few bites, not even half.  A few bites of FF too.  Don't know how, but that hurt the rest of the day.  Later, tried to eat the other part, couldn't do it, and then kept hurting almost til i went to bed.  I've eaten one like that, since i had the port replaced, so i don't know why that affected me so bad. No more.  Walmart had lots of precooked foods that i loaded up on.  Today i had a bar b q and mashed potato meal i found in the refrigerated section.  Good, too.  lol,  The one will make me about 3 meals.  Also got one with beef tips in a wine sauce.  I rarely cook, too much trouble for just me.  So that's why i eat way too much fast foods.  This will help, and there were so many choices now, more than ever.  Can't do frozen dinners, burned out on them years ago.

We were talking about DDT a couple of days ago.  My bro B lived in a trailer a few years ago, and got overrun with roaches.  The exterminator sprayed, but didn't last no time.  Well,,,this other niece's hubby had found some old stuff in his grandmother's garage and gave it to B, and he soaked that MH down.  hahahaha Hasn't been another roach there since.  And never will be.  Despite what is said about it, i know how well it worked compared to NOT,,,now.  Had my house treated for termites, once.  Way back when they could use the good stuff.  Still to this day, no more.  I know, cause that's the one my bro B has now.  I told HJ there was a DDT plant 2 blocks from us, when i was growing up.  In later years, they tore it all down, then they bulldozed all the soil up, put it in containers, fenced off the whole area,  and took the containers off somewhere.  Both there and at the other chemical plant.  Don't see how that was any worse that the granite plant that operated here, with the granite dust blowing around.  Most of those old timers came up with lung diseases later.  We loved the talc plant, we would get hundreds of small paper bags, bag it up, and on Halloween, Look OUT.  Made great bombs.  Also, way back, there was a graphite mine on the South end of town.  Don't remember what happened to that, either.

OK ,,,didn't know i was gonna write a book today.,,,Making up for others, lol,