Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hey, i Can Move Today

DAMMMM google!!!or BLOGGER!!! ,,,i can't even post on my own unless i go thru name/url,,,and just use name. that worked. But,,on DDs,,he doesn't have that, so i still can't post on his. Tried his open id,,but didn't work. soo,,,sry DD. I think it is really Blogger that's the problem, since it still doesn't have 2 of my side bars. Keep thinking they will fix it. Soo,,enough time on that, today.

A friend asked me yesterday if we had any plans for the week end. Told her no,,we never made plans, always did things on the spur of the moment. The spur hasn't happened yet. And that's ok too, too darned hot for humans out there. I never got out of the house yesterday, well, a few steps outside. Still was tooooo sore. About back to normal today. My son told me that when ur put on a metal surgery table, they ground u, and that puts all ur muscles in a strain holding u still. Only thing that makes sense, since i was sore from my fingers to my toes, unbelievablely sore. Had to take pain med for that. Has anyone else had this happen?

My sis, N, called all upset. Her cat we all thot was male, had 1 kitten, only one they knew of, and this morning, it's missing. Well, all kinds of things couldve happened. There's a wild cat out there, had one of those kill 2 of my litters. Then, maybe she just moved it. N had fixed a bed in a box on the porch, but maybe mama thot there was a better place. The mama is one of her 2 outside cats. Now all it will take is for the other one to turn out female too,,,hahahahaha Sure thot i could tell the diff, but.....all of us were wrong.

Now, back to that one that got 2 of my litters. That cat used all his 9 lives. Was shot with an arrow, lived. Then after the first of mine, my son came in from the pasture with his 22, and told me i didn't have to worry about that cat any more, butttttt,,, he survived that too. Later, my 2nd hubby and i trapped him in the garage, and he shot him multiple times,,then shut the door. Good thing, next morning, found that darn cat at the door, finally, dead. And no, i DO NOT FEEL BAD. He had killed 2 litters of mine. Got what he deserved. After the 2nd time, i sat out in the yard with my 22, waiting for him to show back up, to get the other 3 kittens he had just killed. He took 1 with him. And i would not have hesitated to shoot him. Siamese r the only breed that does not do that. And not all males of other breeds will do that.

Ok, gotta move a little, bbl.,,,lol, maybe.

Just realized, this new setting does NOT have spell check.