Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Great News!

I am totally exhausted,, but the trip to Austin to see the new Doc was so worth it.  We were both concerned that he would see the info, and his body, that he would say there was no way he could help.   BUT, it was like he saw this stuff every day.  He said there was a deformity on his lower spine, from looking at the MRI done just before the last surgery, and has ordered a cat scan with a dye in his spine to know everything there is to know.  It will take 3 hours to do all that, then  J has to stay flat for 12 more.  I'm not sure i'm able to drive him for this, the way i feel today.  It will require leaving at 6:15AM to get there by 8:15, and that's what i don't think i can do.  It's no problem because there will be somebody to do it,,, i just hate the thot i won't be there to hear what he has to say,  because he's seeing him after it.

He told us that he didn't do this kind of surgery, but knew 3 docs in this area that did.  He has seen 4 done, and 2 developed blood clots in their lungs, but got well with the spine fixed.  With J being 49, and has lots of years left, it has to be done.  He was almost unable to move Monday, and it has been locking up on him.  That makes him totally helpless.  He saw his doc here Mon after he got back from taking his records down there,,,, yep drove them, and got a lot of trigger point injections to help him get thru the next few weeks.  His future would have no hope, just one to get worse, ending in paralysis.  Now, who wouldn't choose the surgery?  I told him there would be lots of negative comments from his Dad and sister, maybe others,,, but i understand and am behind him all the way.  I have put myself in his place.

The doc in San Antonio knew all this, but didn't do but half the fix, instead of finding a doc that could have fixed it, way back 1 1/2 years ago.  Needless to say, no more SA trips!

We were starving when we got thru about 2:30, and stopped at a Luby's.  I got a LouAnn plate of liver and onions,, and she grabbed up about 4 big slices of liver, and i said,, i'm just getting the LouAnn, and she nodded, and put another huge helping on my plate,,, lololol.  I asked for lots of onions and gravy, got that too... Yeah, brought home enough for 2 more meals,,,  I wasn't hungry any more either.  J wouldn't even take a bite!

Got a postcard from my niece in Ireland, yesterday... Wow, when was the last time anybody got one of those?  She went there for 3 weeks on a student exchange thing.  Fantastic.  The only place i would love to go.  She'll be a senior this coming year.

That's all folks,, tc, and