Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Short n NOT Sweet

Internet went off again right after i published my post yesterday, and just a bit ago got fixed.  Wouldn't you know, when the tech showed up, it had just started working!!!?  Then i couldn't connect to the laptop, and got online chat, (never again) and he put me thru circles for about an hour, then the tech showed back up, took 2 minutes to fix.  He turned my router over, and it disconnected somehow just touching it.  Now i know where to look.  It's the new one i got about a week ago.  Not sure it's a good one.  Guess i'll wait and see.

Jojo, you are still using that double word verification, so i'm commenting here.  Where is this place you're going from where you are now?  How long will you stay?

Had to take one of my blogs i follow,,off.  Can't believe they were asking for donations on it for something,,and that was all it was.  Go stand on a street corner. Mr Nimble,,just don't do that kind of thing.  Also, all the political ones are going too.!!!  Why do people think they can talk you into changing your beliefs to theirs and start preaching about it???  Yep, gonna clean em up.  No donations, no politics, and NO religion.!! Got that??  hahahaha and i mean it.  Sure glad there's still the GOOD ones.

Here it is, noon, so i'd better get this published, quit my ranting, and eat my lunch.  Yall tc and