Monday, March 26, 2012

Why Should Anybody Have to,,,,,,


Got out of town a little ways, and just not much there. 

These are pink phlox and was the only place I saw them.



These are what we always called stinging nettles.  Sometimes they are everywhere, but these were the most in one spot, that I saw.




The bluebonnets are still there, so far, but the yellow ones haven’t shown up.  The golden yellow ones.  And not the Indian Blankets either.  Maybe yet.

Why should anybody have to put up with someone like this?  So that’s why I’ve set my comments to go thru dashboard, so I can filter them.  That nasty ignorant old man, BBC, thinks I’m interested in what he has to say, so  he won’t be here any more. 

BB, I agree with you totally, about rvsue.  Why would anybody sign up with anything without reading the fine print?  Doesn’t matter that this is all new, you read the contracts!

When I was at the city park yesterday, I noticed a woman camping with a small tent close to where I was, and when she was walking by I waved.  She came over and we talked for a bit, and she said she had just packed up and left everything down at the coast,,(her life I mean) to move here.  Staying there in the park while she looks for a job, and can get on her feet.  She has 2 smallish dogs with her, that she had rescued.  I told her a few places to check out, seems like a good lady.  AND, she can take free showers there!!! hahahahaha.  Has to pay $2. a nite.  We have a good Laundromat here, fairly new.  Gosh, I can’t believe the prices to use it tho…lol.  I take my comforter there once a year, just to wash, bring it home and hang out to dry.  She gave me her cell # if I thot of any other places.  She’s worked in home health care, and home depot.  I’ll check with her today, hope she found something.

Hey, it’s Monday, nothing new going on,,,lol,,so yall tc, and