Sunday, December 18, 2011

Anything Happening?


Slow day around here.  I have done all my blog reading, ate, had visitors. 

I just looked up something I had seen on an Austin TV channel, about some old film footage of early Austin.  Supposed to be from a balloon, but, I couldn’t find it.  What I got out of it, was,,,there were these films you could buy, if you wanted. 

I watched a movie last nite, had a normal nite’s sleep.  That means, waking up a few times.  Usually with a really dry mouth.  Have to get up and  wash my mouth out, can’t swallow it.  If I do, it will come back up when I lay down.  That’s the lap band.  It’s ok if I’m not pressing on it, like during the day.  It’s not the BAND, it’s the bit of my stomach above it.  lololol.  Anyway, that works as good as drinking it.

I’ve got ONE Christmas card I’m gonna mail when I get out later.  It’s to a Doc that did bladder surgery on me, it lasted 3 weeks, and by then I was laid off, no insurance.  He felt so bad, he called me later and did something else to fix it, collagen injections, for free!!  Anybody ever heard of any Doctor that did that???,,,I sure never have. It’s been several years now, and I’m still fine.  So that’s who gets my one and only card, lol.  Just letting him know, I haven’t forgotten, and doing fine, and wishing him the same.

Well, I do send some ecards.  LMAO,,,my spell checker says that’s spelled wrong, ecard,,, wonder about email,,,nope,,it’s ok.  hahahahaha.

Sometime I need to get dressed.  Just way too comfortable in my robe.  My bro came by, then later my sis, but that was ok.  I keep getting chilly, then too warm.  Heat on, heat off.  Need a happy medium.  I have natural gas, (LOVE IT), so I have a  space heater in the living room, modern one, all the safety issues, etc.,,Then ,,for the dining-kitchen, I use 1 or 2 burners on my range.  That is all ever needed.  Warm and comfy.  Except for today,,,lololol.  My ceiling fan I set on lo, in the winter, and it’s above me in the dining room.  Pushes the heat down on me.  If I get up and it’s really cold in here, it heats up in about 10 minutes.  My bedroom stays cold, my choice.

Ok, friends, and all, yall tc, and