Monday, July 11, 2011

How do I Do These Things?

DD's got a blog today!  About time, lol.  So,,, it was hot up there in Texarcana? huh?  We got this little pop up shower late yesterday, but don't know how much.  Rained real hard for about 10 mins or so, then all was gone.  Had a little pea size hail, wind, too.  So,,i didn't get out and turn the hoses on.  My lot is on a slope, so the part that was so dry, is on the downhill side, will seep to it.  Always does.

Got to fooling around with things on here, not knowing what, and wow, if u hit compose up there, u get all ur tool bar filled in!,,,Most of the time when i'm doing something like that, it ends up costing me.  So after my last episode, costing so much, i really don't like to try it.  Even the dell repairman couldn't get this back to where it had been,, not this part, my email part.  So when i save an email on here, i have to put it into a new file, in email, can't put it in favs or docs any more.  Or, i can send it to myself, and on desktop, put it where i want.  So, u see why i don't just go around clicking this, clicking that?  You also saw where i had 2 of the same blogs yesterday.  I have NO idea how that happened either.  Took one off today.  I did go back later and added onto what i thot was that one, but i guess it wasn't.

Couldn't get to sleep last nite, AGAIN!  Got some unisom but not sure if i should take it or not.  Need to check on that today.  Used to use a web site to check on all the drugs i had to take.  You would be surprised to see how many times ur prescribed some that won't mix with others.  Now i really check.

Know this is short, but not much going  on around here. HAGD