Friday, November 22, 2013

Got to be Winter,

Yep,  36*, and i'm sitting here at my dining table, on my laptop, listening to Leonard Cohen, and watching the nasty weather out my storm door.  Been raining off and on, no sleet yet, but ,,, maybe later.   Son and fiancĂ©e leaving at 1 pm from Austin, going to Vegas.  Didn't even ask me to join them,,,hahahaha

Didn't sleep much last nite, got up one time, 2 am,, and read for a while.  Finally ate a snack and slept off and on after that, til 7;30.  O well, can nap any time.

I finally had to unfriend a couple of people on FB.  Every day had invites for games, which I do not do on FB.  Besides, not sure I even know them.  What's with having hundreds of friends on there?  Beats me.  We are having a blast, with all the family members, answering questions.  Like,, worst hair do.  what did you get in trouble for as a kid,,,favorite stuff., etc.

I think I finally figured out how to use the T9 for texting,,, but I think I have to set it every time.  lol,,, which is not good.  Love the keyboard tho.  Lots better.
Checked my new meter against my old one for testing blood sugar,,,it's giving wrong results.  They didn't send test fluid, so I think after off and on all morning yesterday, they will.  Guess I need to call,,,AAAAGAINNNN.  It's a new style meter, called redi-code.  Testing about 20 above old one.

Jude just came back in,,,silly cat.  Tried to get him to stay in  Wet and cold,,,and he left a place in front of a warm fire???,,,

A family from here is going to be on Family Feud today.  Got a reminder in front of me,,,so I won't forget.  It's the McDonald family.

I drove thru the park a few days ago, and saw ONE pelican.  I'm sure there's more but just that one was there at that time.

Ok, outa here,,,and watch out DD,,,you're gonna get it too,,,,all this nasty stuff.,,,lol.

Yall tc, and