Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blizzard? No,,,,, Cold? Yeah!

When I got up at 8, the wind was blowing out of the N already.  The house wasn't cold yet, so turning on some heat has kept it warm all morning. 

Trying to remember it's Tuesday,,, trash day.  I do it that way, cause i'm never up early enough on Wed. to get it out in time.  One big bag is all I have, most weeks.  That's those big black yard bags.  The ones for house are too small for my trash can.  I like the big ones better.

Darn it, went to the store yesterday, and didn't get milk.  NOW, gotta go back.  Need eggs too.  O well, I can blow in, blow out,,,lol.

My dotter gave me flowers for my birthday,,,last Friday.  The roses are already gone.  They were bronze, and even had the smell.  BUT,,, lasted just those few days.  The others (not roses)  are ok, so I still have some.

DD, i'm expecting some pics of that swamp of yours,,,lol.  Love that thing.  My camera is always in the wrong place,,like right now, it's in the car, and i'm not going out to get it.

Yall tc, and