Thursday, November 8, 2012


Looked on BBs profile and there was his son's blog.  Left a comment and hopefully he will see it and let us know something.  THIS IS NOT GOOD!!  I  fussed at DD once ,,, about being missing and he understood and didn't do it any more.  Just let us know.  And BB did and for a while it has been ok, but 10 days is too long for nothing.

Js doing great!  I take him back next week on Thurs to get the staples out.  Have to go to SA to do it,,the doc just goes to F'burg every other week, and the timing was off.

The brace is rubbing on the top of the surgical opening, and was making it red, so he's not wearing it when he's in the house.  Looking lots better today.  After the back surgery in 2000, his doc told him NOT to wear one, didn't need it, he had screwed him together enough was no way it would come apart.

Well, my bro G showed up, so i'm just gonna close this now, yall tc, and