Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LATE,,i Know,,,,Was my Niece's Fault

Don't have much, but since we have caught just the edge of a storm, and knocked the tv out, well, the cable, thot i would just jot a few things down.

Went out to Kingsland this morning, took my g/dotter, and her hubby to lunch.  Then i went on the HEB, got a few things.  Supper anyway, lol.

There is a BADASS storm on the NE of us, and one on the SW, but,,guess what??? We are right slap dab in the middle!!!  WOW , Kingsland's getting golf ball size hail, just heard on scanner.  Like i said above, we caught the edge of that one, and a little one too.  These just built up in the last hour or so, and got bad.

OOOO YEAH!!! River flow up to 20!.  Means we can water 2 times a week with a hose.  Certain hours. 

Niece called from Lake Worth, and we talked for 1 1/2 hours,,,lol.  Soo,,this will be shorter.  Just one more thing.  Read in the paper today, about a kid catching a piranha out of Tom Bass Park lake,  i guess, over the week end.  When the adults saw the teeth they turned it over to the authorities, then they are saying it's just the second one in Texas, and the other was in 82.  NOT TRUE.  Before i quit working, a man i worked with out at Granite Shoals caught one, this about 10 years ago,,and since he didn't know what it was, he took it around showing others, 'til someone identified it.  It was in the Highlander paper at the time, and i think it was a game warden that did it.  My son sure wouldn't have gotten back in the river or lake,,(bad enough about the gars) if he had ever known that. lolololol.  Hey BB, this was in Lake LBJ, just down from Inks.  There are piranhas in the lakes!!!!

Ok,,gone,,tv was out til 7, so,,,,biggest loser, here i come..