Thursday, January 31, 2013

He Makes My Day,,,,

Was reading about people taking melatonin for sleep, over in Lotta Joy's blog.  Not too long ago, I was watching Dr Oz, and that topic was on there.  Throw it away!  Do NOT take any more.  I think you can look that up by going to  It's amazing how we will take things because they are called "all natural" without another thot.  I have done the same.  I take several different vitamins and was told to, by my doctors.  Heart doc= fish oil.  Bone specialist=calcium.  Regular doc=multi vitamin.  Don't remember why the B12, and I also take Vit D because I'm never in the sun.

Does it make me more healthy?  lol, Who knows?

I've noticed ol BBC is here making comments.  Have yall noticed?   hahahahaha,,,he makes my day.  I go back and look a lot, just to see what he has to say... Keep it up, BBC,,,Need my daily laugh, (laughs).

Yesterday, I was in the park here in town.  I keep looking for the pelicans and across the river, where a big creek comes in,,,there were 3 different white birds...Some geese, one crane, and,,,sure enough, 2 pelicans.  All hanging out together.  I had to use my binoculars to be sure.  The rest of em, must be hanging out somewhere else on the river.

Did I mention that I recorded the Green Mile?  With the commercials, 4 1/2 hours.  I'll have to divide it, and ,,,how do you stop somewhere? 

Well, yall tc and


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Been a Few Days

Just noticed how long it's been since I posted.  What do you do?,,,Nothing going on, so,,,????

Still warm, gonna change, nuff said about that.

Got my windows open, love to air the house out.  Running a fan at nite to sleep.

Anybody doing super bowl?  I'll probably go by bro Bs,,get in a pot or 2, make it a little interesting.

I use a silicon skin over my keyboard, and I wanted to order some more.  Spent hours trying to find one I could use, no luck.  They have to be long enough, wide enough?,,,So,,guess i'll try to wash this one.  Found the instructions on how to do that,,lol.  Then, was in there with my desk top, and OMG,,there was a package with another one in it.. lmao.  Not sure  if it's a used one or not, can't tell.  So maybe i'll wash both of them.  Not enough info on the package to order some more.  Sure keeps my keys from sticking, getting dirty.  A dell techo, told me he cleaned his with a hair dryer,,,run it til the sticky spot dries out, then dump it.  I did that, then ordered these skins, so it's still clean.

J started therapy today, will be twice a week for 4 weeks.  I think this will help a LOT.  She seemed to know exactly what he needed!  Sooo glad for him to get a good one.

Yall tc, and


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Not Fishing Around Here,,,It's,,,

Rattlesnake grabbing time,,,, Both my bros planned on being out today, to gas some dens, but the folks out on the ranch had company.  Bros knew that would mean taking "guests" with them so they just decided to wait til another time.  Needs more sunshine too, and today is deep clouds.  No rain, of course.

Bro G came by this morning just about the time I was gonna eat breakfast, so that waited for a couple of hours. 

Gotta go to the store later, almost outa milk.  I think that's about all I need.  Picked up a couple of other things yesterday out at our new Alco.  Everybody's sure disappointed with that store, prices way too high.  I went because they're the only place in town that has my Iams cat food.   O yeah, that and my Charmin are still in my car! lol.  Got 3 more books at the library and couldn't carry everything, so left those 2.

The Green Mile was on last nite, and I almost watched it again.  I've seen it 2 or 3 times, but it's soooo good, you can never get enough.  It's up there with Forrest Gump.  J said he's never seen it, I told him to go rent it!

Ok yall, not sure when i'll bb, but I will, so tc, and


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nuff Said

I don't know why it's so hard to write, lately.  My days are the same,,it seems.  Anybody else feel like that?

Js doing great, and just comes by briefly now.  He's still got a long way to go, but is able to do more, (a little) each day.  He can help his Dad with paperwork at the shop, run errands, etc.  When he's at the shop, it's not unusual for him to sell some of the vehicles.  

I've been watching Idol,,again, but,,,just don't know about this season.  I DO NOT like the 2 female judges and can't  stand Nicci?,,, And also, there's so many I don't think can sing, and they let them go thru.  lol,,, I can just hear Simon's opinion...

Gonna say one more thing about politics and religion.  TO EACH HIS OWN.  I have respect for other's views, even if they are different than mine.  And I won't leave your blog, or whatever, because of them.  It's your right to have your own opinions.  I also won't argue with you about them.,,,OK,,enough said.

We are having our spring right now.  When that calendar says springtime,,not true, it's already summer time.  Spring is in Jan. here in TX,,,just wish we had the rain.  All that rain a week or so ago, did nothing for our rivers, or lakes.  We need the gullywashers like they are getting in Africa,,i watch UStream,,Pete's pond.  Love to see those animals coming there.  This is their rainy season, and they are getting it!

Yall tc, and


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wasted Time

I decided to change my "look" and did, so far so good,,right?,,BUT, couldn't figure out how to change the size of my font,,,,spent a LOT of time and it just wouldn't let me make changes.... Got a blank page every time.  After a lot of wasted time,,it finally hit me,,this is google, lots of stuff on blogger won't work in  my IE.  So here I went, took about a minute, and got what I wanted.  I just don't like blogger telling me I need to use google!!! or some of their features won't work,,,(which they don't).  I can make changes using google, and they will work in IE,,,strange huh?

I also don't like someone calling themselves,,,ANONYMOUS,,, jumping ME about my opinion on politics... BTW,,,yall need to read Lotta Joy's blog today,,,hahahahaha,,,, Happy Birthday,,,Robert E Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

BBs tracking something down there,,,lol.  All I can say is,,,it has claws...Not a cat, they retract.  Not a fish,,no swishes,,,

I bought a german sheppard way back,,in the 60s and she grew up huge and gentle.  Took her out one night to teach her how to coon hunt which we did a lot of, back then.  It paid for our Christmases.  Spotted one way up in a tree and hubby wounded it, and it fell to the ground.,,, Here the dog went, running over wagging her tail,,,til that coon bit her on the nose...oooo mercy,,, made coons enemies the rest of her life.  We were riding around in a pickup one nite, out on a ranch, and eyes were spotted up a tree, so here we went.  She jumped out, made a circle around that tree and came back to the truck.  Hubby and friend spent an hour getting that whatever out, sure wasn't a coon.  I told em, listen to her next time.  If she could catch em, she killed em,,by one chomp.  Killed a skunk one nite, out there, and we made her ride back to town in the trunk.  She never did that again.  You didn't sic her on anything either, she went in for the kill.  She was the best dog in the world, with kids.  If they hurt her she licked em in the face,,,lol.  They didn't do it on purpose tho.

When she was 10 years old, someone here in town was walking around poisoning dogs, and she was the 3rd one.  That went on for quite a while, but I don't remember how many died that way.  They finally caught that old woman, just gave her a slap on the wrist!  I couldn't even let my youngest out, cause he put everything in his mouth.  Sure missed my dog tho.  Really really smart.

I think I need to enlarge the font a little more...Will get that done now,,hope yall make it ok today.,

Tc and


PS,,after looking at it, it's fine.

Monday, January 21, 2013


How's this Monday morning for yall?  So far so good here.  Just got thru reading all my blogs, will try to get a little bit posted on mine.

Wanna thank Luci and Loree for taking off the verify thingy,,,I don't comment if I have to do those.  And I don't comment on blogs that have no reply place.  When questions are asked, I like to see an answer too, even from other people.  But,,i do read them.

Whatever stuff I had is gone,,,felt good yesterday and today too.  Wasn't the flu, was just in my head.  And no fever.  So far, flu shot seems to be working.  My son won't take them, cause he says every time he did, he ended up with the flu.  Who knows?  I took the pneumonia vaccine, and started having it,,,lol.

I haven't seen the big buck out back,,look when I think of it.

Seems there's lots of businesses closed today,, not just city and county, and government.  Had to turn my tv off at 9, sure wasn't interested in the inauguration.  I avoid politics. Always told people in bars,,no talk of politics or religion.  Did I ever tell you I bar tended for a while?  Loved it.  It was during an unemployment time, and I was paid in cash.  I drew that for 11 months,,didn't really want to find another job until I had to.  After working for 18 years, I had a long vacation...

That was when I got into home health care, and loved it.  After those 11 months.  Went back to bookkeeping later, to make a living, but ended back up in HHC, but with a better position that paid really well.  lololo,,, til they laid us all off.   Another long unemployment, then retirement.

Haven't seen the pelicans lately.  I was hoping they would stay for the winter, and come back next year.

Did yall read Lotta Joy's, Witless Relocation Program, blog today...hahahahaha,,,She hit it right on the head...The link in on mine so go check it out...

Yall tc and


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Good Morning

Good morning,, one and all,,,hope you're all well and happy today.

I still stumble around using this newer blogger.  Took me like, 30 minutes to add a new blog to my list of ones I follow...  Does anyone use the google+?    I haven't even figured this one out,,don't know if I want to try that one.  I never remember how I did it the last time...HEY,,my memory IS improving, not taking that statin drug for cholesterol.

I noticed last week that numbers just popped out,,,always could do that til I started those drugs.  Phone numbers,,,whatever,,they're there.  J asked me for 3 different ones last week and they just were there.  Wooohoooo.  So what,, if my liver is filling up with that stuff,,,lol.  my memory is back.  Names?,,just ask, I know em,,, Amazing.  Now, what was I talking about?  O yeah,, that.

My niece gave me this body lotion for Christmas, Olay, New Nauveau, that is the most delicious smelling stuff I've ever used.  I use it just on my hands, but you can still smell it hours and hours later.  Good thing it smells so good, cause it stays.  It's in the purple tube, in case yall want to check it out...

Haven't seen that big buck out back yet.  But,, the neighbor has been working on a big trailer out there in the street.  Sure wish J would buy that property.  Best view in town, looks down on the river and bridge, lites of town.  I see most of that too, but just that little bit on up the hill is a lot better.

I think I have enough movies recorded now....With some new tv shows back on, not using them so much, so getting a big back up.  Still, on Fri, Sat, and Sun,,need one each nite.  Why do the networks leave off those 3 nites?

Took a bite of something a couple of days ago, and felt this huge thing in my mouth.. Good thing I didn't chomp down on it,,lol.  It was this huge filling out of a bottom jaw tooth, think it WAS the  Not sure what i'm gonna do about it, just leave it for now.  The tooth isn't hurting or anything, and it's the last one back.  Gosh, I hate to have one pulled.

I'm so sick of hearing about Lance Armstrong,,never liked him, and darn sure don't now.  He has a black hole where a soul should be.  What I can't stand, is how this will hurt his children.  I don't get OWN here, and I so miss the Oprah show.  Loved it.  On one of her last ones I had, she brought back and gave an update on people from 5 years before.  Some of those had broken my heart, so it was so good to hear and see the update.

Ok, enough meandering,,so yall tc, and


Friday, January 18, 2013

Flu, Head Cold?,,,What is It?

I talked to a cousin up in Paris yesterday, and they're having the same thing we are.  It's NOT allergies,,it's like what she called it,,a head cold.  And it's contagious.  Everybody around here has it, or the flu. No flu for me yet, and I took the shot so I have hopes.  Anyway, my son came by and said he'd been in bed all day, had thrown up once, had the shakes, and was still nauseated.  Great!  I offered him some of the ramen soup I had made him yesterday, but no,,all he wanted was some crackers.  He did have a 7-up with him.  I gave him some tums, and in a while, he was doing good.  He left to go home to bed again.  After he used my phone, I told him, didn't want to insult him, but,,i'm cleaning it with purel,,,lolololol. 

I did get all excited when he told me he saw about a 14 point buck in my drive way about dusk yesterday.  Right behind my car.  Gonna open my blinds back there, and see if I might see him too.  Had to laugh a few nites ago, about Jude.  Heard him at the door after dark, and when I opened it, that big fat coon ran off while Jude came in.  He's not at all scared of these wild animals,,was just scared of Rescue.

I'm feeling about back to normal today.  I think that neti pot did it,,,catching it at the beginning.  I haven't had the cough like the others.  YET.

J brought by a big roast a few days ago, and I just stuck it in the freezer,,,,got it out last nite, so today i'm cooking a roast in my crock pot.  I cooked the roast itself for a while in one of my pots on top of the stove, waterless in it's own juices,,,Just makes for a better taste.  I have the stainless steel cookware to do it with.  That will all be ready by supper time,,,yall come,,,  there's a recipe on the back of the box of onion soup mix.  And o yeah, those roasted potatoes on there,,,ARE SOO GOOD!

Well, couple more things,,,someone's horse got run over, over on the highway about 3 blocks from here,,,, last nite.  Then this morning,,another gun shot wound,,a man shot himself in the leg.  Makes 4 for sure, maybe 5 just in the last 2 o4 3 months.  Where's all the gun safety???? 

Gotta git, so yall tc, and


Thursday, January 17, 2013

This and That

Hey yall,,, all these blogs I read make  for some interesting things for ME to blog 

Like,,DD wondering if armadillos are carriers of leprosy.  I've always heard that, but,,,have YOU ever known anyone who has gotten it from them?  Or, for that matter, anyone who has ever come up with it at all?  I sure haven't.  I do know there's a place in Louisiana that treats it, and I think that's the only place there is.  Now this is from long ago, not sure now.  I was surprised when I had read about this place, cause I thot leprosy was back in the early centuries.

We used to eat cottontail rabbits, until I read where you could get bubonic plaque from them.  And maybe that was because of the rat droppings in NM, but we didn't eat any more.  3 hunters there had done that.  This was another one I thot was like leprosy.  Way back.

Skunks, foxes, carriers of rabies?  That's what we hear anyway.  When I was a teen, I had a pet skunk, grew up with a kitten, and they loved each other.  My dad even liked it, cause he could get a huge laugh out of answering the door and having the skunk come running up, making someone yell.  The vet, back then, took out that scent bag, so it couldn't spray any thing.  They won't do it now. 

Gypsy is talking about working with weights.  Good for you!  I had a weight bench that did everything, but when I moved to this house, didn't have anywhere to put it.  Loaned the weights to someone that never brought them back.  Pads and cables ruined on the bench, so got rid of it.  lololol,,, took me a whole day to put that thing together.  It wasn't one of those hi-priced ones, had just cost 100.00.  But it had everything to work every area of you.  Even the foot thing.  And that flab under the upper arm?  Just bend your arm behind your head.

Well, yall tc, and


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January's Half Gone, Yall,,,,

J called earlier and said he had something for me.  Good thing he did tell me it's a breakfast taco,  cause i'm getting really hungry.  Would have eaten if he hadn't. 

I got out yesterday, briefly, and went to both parks to check on the pelicans and didn't see them.  I'm hoping they were just staying out of the wind as best as they could.

I've just realized today that Jan. is 1/2 gone.  And Feb. is just 4 short weeks, so we're well on the way to spring, well, here, anyway.  And I know there can be  bad stuff way on into April, but,,,that's not a regular thing.  Easter spell?  lol...

Taco's here, yall tc, and


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

St Joseph, Works,,or Not

Was reading in the Frog's blog about the St Joseph statue to sell a house.  After Mom passed away, and we finally got the tons of trash and stuff out, (she was a hoarder),, my sis insisted on trying to sell it ourselves, which didn't work.  So after 6 months of that, we listed it with an agency, and Bro G insisted on overpricing it, so,,,no sell either.  After another 6 months, we signed with another agency and I got the St Joseph's statue and followed the directions, like Ms Frog said,, and within 3 weeks, it sold.  I went back to dig it up, and never found it.  Went back 3 or 4 times, knowing exactly where I had buried it, but it just wasn't there!

Later, I asked this same agency to sell a couple of lots for me, and before she got the sign hammered in, a lady stopped and asked her about them then bought them...

I know for sure, that using St Joseph works.  Even our real estate lady was impressed.  I don't remember who told me about it, but I was sure glad they did.

I'm not too good today.  Whatever this is, is all in my head.  Haven't gotten to the cough yet but am prepared.  And just maybe, it won't happen.

Yall tc, and


Monday, January 14, 2013


Well, this might not be just plain ol sinus,,,starts out in the sinuses,,stinging eyes, nose, sneezing,,etc.  But, everybody has it and sinus is NOT contagious.  So,,just what is this?  I got it from J, after thinking he had sinus, wasn't contagious,,then my dotter told me today she has it,,,same thing.  So it is something going around LIKE sinus...Today i'm having a dry cough starting.  And my neti pot has sure helped.  Need to do it one more time today.  Did it this morning.  I slept good last nite.

I was eating some stuff that J brought and after a few bites, it kinda hung up about half way down.  Like it used to do with the lap band.  I went out,,in the cold,, and kinda made myself gag and get some back up.  After a while, what was left, went on down.  So I was cautious later when I ate, but ,,,it was fine then.  Have no idea what happened.

J took one of their cats to the vet this morning, and kept calling all day about her.  He finally looked at her late in the day, and said he could come pick her up.  She has horrible allergies, and had scratched some bad places on her neck, and was acting like she was real sick.  Don't know what the verdict is but will find out later.  He was taking her home.

My feet are getting colder and colder.  Guess i'm gonna have to shut the door.  With the wind blowing the storm door lets in drafts.  Hate to not be able to look out, tho.

Well, yall tc, and


Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hey yall, this is TEXAS!!  Subject to change in the blink of an eye.  And never pay attention to those weathermen.

Started with my neti pot this morning,,,got full fledged sinus right now.  Even took an allergy pill.  Woke up during the nite with my nose running on one side, my eye watering,,one of em,,lol, and even my ear.  Time to get with the plan.  Practice what I preach,,,lol.  My bed is so high, i'm not able to lay off it with my head to the floor,,,would do a somersault,,,hahahahaha.  I have to use a little 3" board step to get on it.

For some reason,,i got up today and it was Monday.  When I went to take my daily morning pills out of the pill box,, I thot, OMG,, I totally missed Sunday!  Then I got to investigating,,(took a while) but I did find it is Sunday.....

Ok, just did my 2nd neti pot thing.  WOW it burns,, the first times.  Guess it's pretty raw up in there, huh?

Those pelicans are still here.  J said he counted 82 here in town a couple of days ago.  Guess they like it here, must be plenty of food for them.  I hope they will come back every year,,,at least I guess they will migrate.

Not much going on, so yall tc, and


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Flu? Pneumonia?

Wasted a lot of time doing this, and poof,,,it's gone.

I keep seeing flu and pneumonia talk, and this morning I read that there are 2 going around, A and B.  The flu shot takes care of the A almost totally, but only 69 or so % of the B.  So i'm still being cautious when i'm out, using a lot of purel.

I took the pneumonia vaccine 6 years ago, then started having it,,,hahahaha.  Never had it in my life, and told the doc that.  That's when he took me off Advair for my COPD,, can cause pneumonia.  I had some kind of it, with no fever and no cough, so how do you know when you're getting it?  I asked that, and the only thing I can come up with, is,,, when I feel really really bad,,,go to the doc!  That's the one I had that nearly got me.  And when I had that,,,that's when I quit smoking.

I took J to F'burg yesterday for his 2 1/2 month check up.  He's having problems, and the doc decided to put him on some physical therapy for a few weeks, starting in 2 weeks.  Then the cold wet weather doesn't help.  Plus he's having sinus problems bad too.  Won't use my neti pot even tho I told him how much it has helped my g/dotter.  She's sure a believer.  Also, read this in a yoga book a long time ago.  Turn your head upside down, I laid across a bed and hung my head off, and drain those sinuses.  You won't believe how much stuff comes out!  Have a lot of Kleenex or something,,,lololol.  Stay upside down for 10 minutes, and it might make you nauseated the first time, but do this once a day for 2,,,maybe 3.  NO more sinus problems.

Some kind of new sticker thing showed up in our yards  a few years ago, and they dry out and fill up the bottom of your shoes if you walk on them.   Js shoes keep bringing them in and i'm trying to get them vacuumed out today.  I've told him to shed the shoes at the door.  He usually does but one day is all it takes.  These things are horrible.  Bro B and SIL have fits with them.  With all those boys coming in and out, she has gotten rid of a lot of carpeted rooms.  They are little round burrs, until they dry out, then those burrs break up into zillions of stickers.  They're flat on the ground, and the plant is just a few inches high.  Don't know what would get rid of them.

We went to the best steak place in the world yesterday, and brought home one order and divided it.  Was plenty.  It's the Barvarian Restaurant there.  It's actually German food.  But those steaks are out of the world good.  They are priced that way too,,lol, don't know what it was cause he paid for all of it.  Way back, the one I ordered was about 25.00.  I get the german fries with mine, he got the baked potato.  Then a big salad, and soup come with it.  I still have the soup,,yummmm.  The only bread you get is black. 

Think I've done my do for today, so yall tc, and


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rules of the House


If you sleep on it… make it up

If you wear it… hang it up

If you drop it… pick it up

If you eat out of it… wash it

If you spill it… wipe it up

If you turn it on… turn it off

If you open it… close it

If you move it… put it back

If you break it… repair it

If you empty it… fill it up

If it rings… answer it

If it howls… feed it

If it cries… love it

These are rules we grew up with, and then so did my kids.  Even had a group of boys go out my front door one time, and the last one out, left the door open, and one of the others, friend of my sons, turned around and came back and shut it, and never even realized he did,, he had to do the rules too.,,,,lolololol.  Mine told their company,, take your plate, glass, and stuff to the kitchen, or Mom will make you clean the whole table.  They learn realll fast,,,lol.

J went off to pick up sandwiches, and guess he’s not coming back!  I knew I should have done it. 

Called, said in a minute,,we’ll see.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Internet Out Today

Had to spend hours today, getting my internet working again,,,got the desk top going but the laptop wouldn't connect, sooooooo,,,,another call back.  O well, yall know the drill.  The desk top is so slow, compared to the laptop.

I keep seeing all this stuff about the flu. and I'm so glad I took the shot.  I always take it as soon as it's here, because it takes 3 weeks to take effect.

I haven't felt good today, been short winded.  The high humidity does that to me.  Then all the stuff with the internet,,,

I've been eating mostly at home lately.  And tonite, it's one of the spaghetti entrees in the freezer.  Sounded pretty good.  Surprise surprise,,,, it's meatloaf!  O well that'll do.

OOO yeah!!! THE RAIN....  lololol... In my gage is a bit over 2 1/2".  I heard it raining hard every time I was up during the nite, until after 3 or so, then more lite, but still raining, after that.  I was going to look on the LCRA map but haven't yet. 

The pelicans are still out at the park, at least a small amount of them, sitting on that rock, but I think the others are just on down out of sight.  Maybe they'll come here to winter every year now!  They seem to like it.

Well, since it's my supper time, yall tc, and


Monday, January 7, 2013

Just a Little Bit

Like everybody, I guess, nothing going on,,,seems nothing to say.  The pelicans are still at the park, which I find so amazing. 

Hadn't heard from J all morning, finally called, and he's still having bad trouble.  This cold has really hurt him, and he's not getting sleep cause of the pain.  Then now he said there's no water out there.  So he's coming here.  His appointment is Fri. morning, so he'll be able to find out more of what's going on.  I told him to write all his questions down so he won't miss any... I have to.

I know the doc has told him it'll be about 4 months with these spasms, and it's been 2 1/2.  But they are severe and his feet lose feeling between the med  he takes for it.

Well, that's it,,,not much more than nothing.   So, tc,  and


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Couldn’t Believe My Eyes


DSCF0004I got out to the park a couple of days ago, and saw this all white rock, and not one turtle on it.  I have never seen these pelicans here before.  Just while I was sitting there watching them more groups kept flying in and landing up the river from these.  Too far for my camera, but had to be between 60-80 by the time I quit seeing them coming.  After a while most of them flew on down to the dam, and landed just below it.  WOW! 

I went back yesterday and they were still there.  Like I’ve always said, you never know what you’ll see in this river.  Bro B said he was walking down the road from his house, which is in a pasture, and it was night time a few weeks ago, and he heard this noise that put the hair up on his neck,,and he went home!  Said it sounded like some kind of big cat.  The house is the last one in the city limits, and just 1/2 block from the river.  And yeah, we know there are such things around…N sees them regularly.

My dotter here in town, blocks from me, has 2 great horned owls there a lot.  There’s a huge creek by her and it’s been left in the wild, all grown up.  One just sat there in the top of a tree and watched me the other day.  I hear them from the river, over the hill from me.

We raised one one time.  Went home one nite and he was walking around on the street, under a street lite, eating crickets…lololol.  Most fascinating thing we ever raised.

Well, folks,,that’s it. Yall tc, and


















Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to Save Blogs to Documents

At the right where it shows the year, right click on it, then clic on save target as,,,, you will get a window to give a name to the file, then it will save into documents.  Or mine did, was really easy this time. 

When I took my friend S some chili, she insisted I take some turkey and dressing, black eyed peas, and some kind of cabbage stuff.  Loved the trade.  Had that for supper, so I still have most of my pot of chili.  Cmon, DD,,, lol.

That's it, yall, so tc, and


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

OMG!! Made it Another Year,,,

Besides that, I feel like I can make it another one,,,lol.

Whew, got my pot of deer chili on,, took a while.  Had to cut the meat up smaller, chop all the onions, get it all together in the pot... Just in time for this little front that came in a while ago.

I didn't have TOO much trouble figuring out how to save all my 2012 posts, so I got that done too.  I put the 2011 on a flash drive, and will do the same with these.  For some reason, it left off Jan. 2012 so I had to add that one month by itself.  They are all in documents ready to put on the flash drive now.

OK,,now,,my welcoming in the New Year,,,lol.  I sure didn't plan on it.  My bro B hosted the annual 100.00 entry poker game at his house,  and NO, I didn't play, but did go "observe",,, There were 8 to start with.  After a couple of hours, they started losing out, so when it got down to 5, someone asked if I wanted in, and so I did,,,started with 20.00,,,hahahaha,,,Guess I got the GOOD chair, cause I kept hitting winners.  I was probably up  a hundred before I started going down, but,,i just had to quit about 9, after all, i'm old,,don't do late nites any more,,,hahahaha.  It was so foggy I could barely see coming home, hated the thot of all the partyers out.  I watched some more of my movie,,lol, well, it's a 3 1/2 hour one,,,The Patriots, went to bed about 10.30.  Could NOT go to sleep, finally got back up at almost midnite, and finished my movie, AND ,,, heard the pops going off at midnite.  Knew i'd made it,,,it was officially 2013!  O yeah, I won 34.00.  My niece kept saying,,it's not fair...She had been way up til I started,,,lolololol.  I don't know how it turned out yet, haven't talked to any one today.

J has NOT brought me a plate of that pot roast he promised me!  After all, it was made by my instructions,,,

Ok,,it's that time,,,so,,,
                                                      HAPPY NEW YEAR  

and tc,