Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Feel Really Bad Today

Not sick,, but last nite just about dark, out on a county road, a child was hit by a car,,  I'm hearing this on my scanner.  The rest of the story i just can't repeat,, but the helo was canceled due to the trauma.  No pulse either.  And, i think it was his dad that did it.  He was on a dirt bike, the car going 65.

There hasn't been anything on any news this morning.  I told the man that does our local news, puts on facebook, that i was so glad he didn't put that on there last nite.  He was hearing it too, but was kind enough not to do it.

My dotter is painting her house, and g/dotter helping.  I've been going by, but hate it that i can't help.  I did last time.... Did most of it.  I would go by when she was still at work, and paint.  Re caulked the windows too, and it's still good.  Her son in law did all the rolling, so they are doing the woodwork, and edges.  It's yellow, and a dark blue trim,,LOTS of trim...

I'm not sure i'm gonna do the sleep test.  I got the paper work to fill out yesterday, and from that, not sure i need it or not.  For all of you that don't know this, like me, there is a band you can wear with the nostril thingys on it,,, and not a mask.  I'll try to get a pic of my SILs.

I dreamed last nite that i quit taking 2 of my meds,,, lol,, need to check into that.  One was for the cholesterol, the other not sure.

Well, i'm gonna bring this up and clear the air.  BB made a really mean comment to DD on his blog yesterday, telling him not to comment on it any more.  I told him i wouldn't either.  Then later, he told me it was meant as humor.  Well, i'm sorry, but that kind of "humor" is cruel and hurtful.  I never took it well, in my whole life and sure never did it to others.  I know BB didn't really do it to hurt him too.  So i'm putting it in the past, won't mention it again.  And i'm sorry about my comment too, BB.

Yall tc, and