Tuesday, January 27, 2015



Sure was a lot of hemorrhaging to spread out..... I sure haven't hit it again... very careful.

My therapy is really helping my hip, and i haven't even done it every day. I can almost walk, most of the time, without that pain there. My 02 is doing good, still taking steroids. Sure hoping there's a med like that, that i can stay on.  Won't see the Doc til 3-2, gotta get that sleep study done.

Gotta get a battery pack for my camera, barely got the one, even tho i took 2.

Did i tell yall, i found out i can use the senior bus to take me to doc appointments? I spent days, hours, called dozens of numbers, just got passed around. Then a lady was here to sign me up for home health care, and said i should try the bus service here. Next morning, i did, and found out i could use it, asked the charge, and was told 0!!! yeah... ZERO, Over a certain age, 60?, no charge. WOW. It won't take me to the sleep study, 8PM, but, will pick me up the next morning at 6, or whatever i need. I am really thankful. My eyes bother me, dont know if it's the oxygen or what but there are times i shouldn't drive.

Stopped here, and time got away, so yall tc and