Friday, May 11, 2012

Another Week Older, and,,,,

Have no idea why i woke up about 7 this morning and could NOT go back to sleep!  Finally came dragging out after i heard my coffee making.  I did sleep really good during the nite, like,,just woke up once, so ,,,maybe that's it.

Had to laugh last nite, (maybe not funny) but i laughed anyway.  Everybody around here knows to watch for high water when it rains buckets like yesterday,,,right?  About 9;30 there was a disturbance call way down E on a city street and a deputy turned off of Hwy 71 to assist.  In a minute i heard,,,BIG WATER.  Then,,,silence....You're thinking,,,,gosh, that idiot went into that creek!  After about a minute of silence, then i heard,,,"I need a wrecker."  hahahahaha,,,I know i've got a warped sense of humor, but that is still making me laugh.  There was so much rain in such a short time everything was up and roaring, even the little draws that normally stay dry.  Son said that little draw out there where gf lives got up to the steps.  So yeah, a big creek is gonna be up and roaring.  I guess he wrecked his car to keep out of the water,,a smart move.  Not a smart move was taking that cut off to start with.  Or not to be going slow enough to check out the creek.  2 small CRoads  were closed for a while.

And no, i have no idea how much rain we got.  Don't look like anybody's gonna give me a rain gauge ,,so i guess i'll have to get one myself.  I want one of those giant ones with the big floating ball.  When my dotter asked for a list that was the first thing.  And the only place to get one is where she works.  Cause i looked at other places.  Tell you what, if i don't get one for Mother's day, i will get over there and do it.

J went to Fredericksburg yesterday, his doc is there once a week, and got a lot more injections in his back.  I didn't know it til he called about 4'30 pm asking about tornado warnings around.  Then he still took time to stop at Walmart and the chicken place before he headed back.  The rain was BAD, and coming over that mountain range is bad too.  He showed up here about 6 with a flower arrangement for me.  He was barely moving.  Gotta get that surgery done!

I have to make a stop at the library today!!!  I've read almost all the Lee Child books, one left, so i have to spend time hunting another author to read.  I sometimes look at the best seller list and find other books by those authors.

Yall tc, and