Monday, June 1, 2015

Tree's A Problem

My bro said he wasn't about to touch it. If it's cut in the wrong place it will fall against the house and do more damage. Got a call in to a tree service,,, mercy!

 Talked to my insurance company and they're gonna go ahead and send someone to survey the damage. I'm  hoping i can get my deductible absorbed by one of them.

Just got the call to schedule my MRI,, 6-3. Now, if i can  just do it. Swore i'd never do one again, now here i go. Well, gonna try.

I think the heat is on the way. No rain in forecast, 90s coming up. That tree made a lot of difference, shaded the west side. Really hate it's gone.

That's all i've got, folks, Just not much to blog about.

Yall tc, and