Tuesday, December 2, 2014


This is the name of that lung test i went thru yesterday. V/Q Scan, lung ventilation/PerPusion Scan. Horrible thing. I had to lay on a little narrow table like for an MRI. Had a thingy with a pillow for my head, and one for my knees to go on. There were 8 sections, (parts) and the first one i could leave my arms down. Took 10.? minutes. 2nd, arms over head or shoulder height for one, took 20.?. Got to move for a minute, then back in same position for #3. Took, OMG, 29.? minutes!! Can't do #4!!! Wasn't gonna do #3, but he said he'd rush it up but had to do it or nothing would count. By then my hip, and shoulder are bothering me.

I know this is long, but so was that. The next, and last, 4 were a lot shorter, and i got thru those. Could move between them more often.  They were like, 5, 6, 5, 5 minutes each. These took about 2 1/2 hours, total for all 7, (missed that one lonnnnggg one).

The heart Echo test was nothing to it. She put that jelly stuff on, and slid around that monitor, for about 20 minutes.

Thru til the sleep test on the 17th. Then back in Jan. for 2 more somethings, forgot. One had to do with walking,,, lolol,,, i'll fail that one for sure.

I've done what i can to get help with transportation, a man sent in the app, should hear around the middle of this month. I really need it, for anybody to take me they have to take off work. And there are times i can't drive back and forth, like, 60 or more miles.

Everybody seems to be putting up trees, getting ready for Christmas.  Not sure if i will even put up my "get out of the box, plug it in" one or not. Already done what shopping i'm gonna do.

We got an Alco here a few years ago, and now it's closing. All of em. Horrible. Only place this side of Walmart, at least 32 miles away, you could get tech things, etc.  It was like a mini Walmart. My sis worked there, but the $Store asked her to come to work for them, and she's already there. They marked their prices up to give like a 5% discount! lololol. They did have my Iams cat food, probably will change.

Yall tc, and