Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wed? You Sure?

TYTYTY Sel.  Gotta let you know, tho, i don't comment on ones that ask for too much personal info.  I'll be reading them tho.  Ol Jules and rvsue do that too, but like i said, i still read them, just don't comment.  I'll put up with screening, like OFM, and filling in the word space, but, i don't know, guess i'm just mostly a private person.  I'll check sometimes, and if u change it, i'll be there. lolol,, 

There's a special on now about these horrible fires.  In paper today, was talking about some toad's habitat maybe all gone, and the toads too.  That's in Bastrop county.  And i had thot the houses were mostly in cedar breaks, but now know it was in pine woods.  About the same.  That's in Bastrop.  All the others in the Cedar, tho.

Have leftovers for lunch today.  Got a child's plate of chicken fried steak with a baked potato for supper yesterday, couldn't eat even half of it, so,,,,I throw in a big hunk of onion and yummmm.   Ok,,,warm up time.

Gosh, just not in a writing mood today.  Yall ever get that way?  And after those leftovers, my head's nodding,,,eyes shutting down.  Might bbl..