Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bad, (Good?) Memories

SS, folks,,,meant to bbl, but just didnt make it.  I did go to Coopers, no parking close by, too long a line, so i waited a bit, went back,  was a parking space but,,,still too long a line.  I cant stand there in smoke (wood smoke is really bad for me),,so,,,thot,, well,,ill go to Inmans just up the street.  Drove by there and changed my mind ,,  GUESS WHERE I WENT THEN?????  SONIC!!! hahahahaha ,,,yep, horrible.  Got one of their new dogs, the New York one,  small tots, n managed to gag it down at home.  By then, i had decided to go back out to Ns.  Didnt get home til about 9, and that was that. 

My lap band isnt working like it did at first.  Its like its loosened up r something.  For the first week r so, i couldnt eat much of anything, and now its back kinda like it was.  I know i need more of the fill, but gonna ask why it doesnt last.  Is that normal?,,,lol,,,My friend has hers filled all the way, n can just take a bite r 2.  If she does more, she gags n kinda throws up.  Gonna have to get mine there.  She just kinda snacks all day, shes not starving.  Shes the one thats lost over 200 lbs.  When we weighed in, she had lost 25 in 3 months.  Ill get there, yet.

My toe is about well.  What else?,,,lets c.  No news on that ems thing from yesterday, yet.  No fires around.,,,,,YET.  The bros didnt catch any fish (normal), yet.  Some dude fell out of a tree about midnite, head first, out there at the going ons.  Dont think ems transported him tho.  lol,,,now that brought up a memory. 

During my 2nd marriage, he had a ranch out W of town on the river, and for 2 years, we hosted biker meets.  They  were on Labor day weekend, a 3 day party.  Wont get into what this town did to them the first year, (sheriff came out n apologized after they had found out who some of the members were. hahahaha),,,They wouldnt let the merchants sell kegs to them, r even let one do catering to them.  They had to go 70 miles away, and bring in kegs in an 18 wheeler, then made another run on Sunday.  Think these merchants werent furious????  But,,,back to my story.  The first year they had these wet t-shirt contests,,,which ended up nekkid contests. lol,,,I fussed enough to the president about why the men didnt do anything like the next year, they had the teenie weenie dick contest!!! HAHAHAHAHAH,,,Just 3 were brave (drunk?) enough to get up on that stage, (N they sure didnt have teenie weenies either) and one leaned over to kiss his honey and fell off head first, knocking himself totally out.  Their ems checked him out n he was ok,,,but this just left 2.  hahahahah,,,,Mercy,,,too early to laugh like this.  lmaooooo Mighta been the same thing out there last nite!!!  More tales on this subject later....

OMG!!!! stilll,,,,lmaoooo.  Any of yall ever been to a biker meet?  If not, u need to ,,,at least once in ur life!

Think ill get up n get dressed, Wait,,,i AM in a robe,,,,maybe do a little house cleaning.  Will try to bbl,,,

Fooled u, didnt i?,,,Got a little cleaning done,,,for some reason ive always hated to dust, even with those thingys on a stick.,,,so,,i didnt do that.  Tried to take Kaspersky off the desktop, and it kept giving errors and not doing it, so i left it and put in a call to puterman.  Went back about an hour later, and ??? it worked like a charm!!!,,,now, just explain THAT.  After i got that done, right now im putting the free AVG on, but gonna take a while.  Somehow,,,i put on an ARO too, got confused.  Wish theyd just keep things simple.  That ARO runs and fixes a few things, then tells u, u have to pay to get the other 2000 things done.  Gonna take that off, too, when AVG gets thru.

Ok yall, cya Tuesday, know i wont make it tomorrow.  Respite day. byeeeee