Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rescue,,,got Rescued

IMG_0766  This is who I call Rescue.


Yeah,, on my computer desk,,,not making too much of a mess tho.  You can’t tell how long his tail is,,it’s at least 3” longer than normal.  And you can’t tell how big his feet are.  They are huge.

J and I went out to the park yesterday,  and it was so nice.  He liked the sun on his back.  3 MORE WEEKS!!!  His surgery is the 31st.  Finally!  Has to be there at the spine hospital by 9 AM, further instructions following by mail.  Counting the days now.   Not sure if I will stay down there or not.,  His gf is gonna be there, so I probably won’t stay but 1 day.  If it’s like all the others, he will be up and walking by the next day.  He will have to wear a brace for a few months, but,,,NO MORE PAIN.  The surgery gives instant pain relief.  The steroid shots he got were not from the bad batch, found that out too, tho I already knew that.  He’s in my living room on the floor, on a pallet.  lol,,,I think Rescue is with him.  That cat is SMART.  Had cats always, but had 2 before this one, that were super intelligent. 

Gonna get up to about 80,,,feel good weather.  Lots of south wind.  We’re going back to heat.

Yall tc, and,