Monday, November 21, 2011


I can't believe all the bloggers that have BDs in November.  Now,,HJ.

Got my call in to the eye doc, gonna go in tomorrow and see what the deal is on these new glasses.. In the meantime, i'm wearing the old ones, because i can read good.

Nothing going on around here, it's tried to rain a little, but now looks like the sun wants out. 

Stopped by my dotter's yesterday, and she was cooking her stuff for Thanksgiving.  It's a snack thing, roll ups of some sort, u put all this stuff in a flour tortilla, then slice it up, bake it a bit,,,She has to work, so was getting them done.  Got my red potatoes, i'll chunk up and coat with onion soup mix and oil.  Bake.  Recipes on the box,,and yummmm.  They go fast.  At my bro's house, there will be about 50-60 people, and so much food.  I always loved our after church dinners.  This is like those.  Did i say?  My niece has a bakery?  Soooo many sweets.  We go around the food tables, sit wherever we can.  After we eat, there's games.  Poker is a big one, but there's others too.  He lives 1/2 block down the street from me. lol.  Then everybody kinda circles back by for supper.  His wife is hoping alll is gone!! lol. 

Did i ever tell you about going over to Lampasas one time, for this neice's 2 yr old dotter's BD party?  She had everything all ballooned up,,etc,,and her sis, the bakery one, and her Mom, were bringing the BD cake, the Mom had spent days on making.  Almost everybody was there, and when the bakery sis showed up, Mom said,,where's the cake??? huh?,,thot YOU were bringing it!  I couldn't help it, i started lmaoooo. Mom got all mad, said let's go back and get the cake!!!,,,50 mile drive.  They went stomping out,,,and i thot,,crazy,,so out i went and told her,,,just go to the HEB and pick up another one,,the 2 yr old won't care!!!  There was an HEB  there and they had cakes already made.  She finally agreed.  SOOO, now here's the main part of this story.   lolololol...We all got bored waiting, so we went out on the big screened porch and started a poker game...About 10 of us.  Little 2 yr old,,just sitting all alone at the table,,,just waiting... Somewhere along the way, someone dealt in between.  (dealer's choice).  We all anted up a dollar. and got the game going.  welllll,,,It kept going around the table, no one able to hit in between their 2 cards.  Pot getting bigger all the time.  You could bet whatever against the pot, but u put it in if you lost.  A couple of times,,someone would get this gooood hand,,,K-2,,bet the pot,,and lose!!!,,That's matching it.  This went on,,for a long time,,pot kept growing.  A-A,,,lose!  You could call your first A hi or lo.  Lo A to hi A,,,perfect,,right?,,,nope, not if you draw another A!!!  Pot kept growing,,now up to like 150.00.  2 yr old still sitting at the table,,,waiting.  Only balloons on there.  Somewhere along the way, the cake shows up,,,but,,,no one will go in.  Heck, we have a pot out here with about 160.00 now!!! hahahahaha,,,Her dad was out there with us!!.  I would bet and win like 20.00, but was no way i would bet the pot.  My bro B, finally said,,,let's put a hold on here, and go in for little 2 yr old....still sitting there, waiting.   Soo,,,we did, sang happy birthday,,,watched the present opening, then alll took off back to the poker table!!!  Everybody finally started making smaller bids, and winning them, got the pot down enough it could be won with a bid,,of POT!!  Don't remember who won it,,, but i'll never forget little 2 yr old's BD party. lololol.  Hope she did.  Me bad.

Gosh, about sausage wrap time.  Never did have one yesterday.  Oops,,got leftover chicken too.  That's why.  Well, hmmmm,,now what?  Usually don't have all these decisions to make...Toss a coin?,,,draw straws?,, eeny meeny?,,,Both?  Yall have an opinion? 

Let you know later,,, so,,HAGD