Monday, August 8, 2011

Round em Up, Herd em Out

Wow, read in paper today that somewhere here in TX, water had to be cut off, due to ground cracking, breaking the water lines.  Just looked back in paper and didn't see it, but know i read it today.  Now, that's bad, cause how do u fix em?  That ol black land u can't work when dry, nor when wet, so ,,,,what to do.  When i lived on the other side of town, way back, we had a streak of it running thru the back yard.  Horrible when wet.  Cracked when dry.  Only way it could have gotten there was no telling how far back, the river washed it down from somewhere, and left it.  We just don't have it here.  It was maybe 1/2 a block from the river now.

lol, gotta tell u what i did one time, while living over there.  A whoop d do big shot rancher here, started putting a herd of cattle down on the river for free grazing, which was fine, til i looked out one day and there was this herd of 30 or 40 in my yard!!  They were destroying my flowers, and shrubs, leaving lots of cow pattys too.  WELL, i went out and ran them off, and called the sherriff's office.  A few days later, same thing!. OK,,,,The third time,  i had had enough, so when i ran them off, AGAIN, and called, AGAIN, i also told the dispatcher that the next time, i was gonna get on my 3 wheeler and herd them right up the street to the courthouse square.  She said,,,aww, u wouldnt do that, would ya?  and i told her YES i would!!  She believed me, we had known each other all our lives.  And i was going to too.  hahahaha can u imagine a herd of cattle on the courthouse square?  Still wish i coulda done it.  Didn't see those darn things around any more.

River flow today:  36-20-2

Just heard about a young man, known most of his life, that died in jail Sat.  Somehow, he hit his head, on purpose, hard enough to do it.  I have never heard of such a thing.  Said he wasn't going to prison.  Was in jail,,what else?,,on drug charges, again.  Like my niece 2 weeks ago, all i can think is,,,what a waste.  I had heard the desparate calls for EMS that day, but didn't know who it was for.  I need to go by and see his mother.  She has 1 more, a son too.  He was my youngest son's best friend.  The one left.

Guess i'm gonna try to get something done today.  Or,,maybe not. lol.  It's almost noon, so think i'm gonna eat some lunch.