Friday, May 27, 2011

TGIF!!! only i thot it was Saturday

Bloggers messed up, googles messed up, and i can't seem to fix em. On my blog, recent posts are missing, and my followers too. Also, the little thingy on the bottom (the pencil looking thingy) isn't there that lets me go back and change it. I went thru all the settings this morning, and can't make it work. My google account works everywhere but DDs. It makes me log in again, then after i do, it sends me right back to the same login window. Anyway DD that's why i'm not posting on ur blog. CAN'T. lol. But we did have a 57 4dr HT, and thats not a typo, Then after that one, had a 57 pontiac that hubby put 3 deuces on, would put u in the back seat, fastest car around, and it was tried and proven a lot! But it also had this little problem of a tie rod breaking sometimes. First time, i had just left the house, was going really slow when i came up with no steering. 2nd time, i had just turned a corner, going slow too. Got rid of it after that.

Update on soreness, STILL there!!! maybe not quite as bad, but, still bad. Finally did try the shower and made it. Didn't help either. I'm down again, no problem doing that lol. My son said walking would help,,,well, i sure can't do that right now. Barely could get up out of bed during the nite, then had to walk holding on to things.

My mower man came by and mowed today, looks so good. Why do i keep thinking it's Saturday? Done that all day.

Yall Idolholics like me?,,,,liked that Scotty from the start, but would rather have had James or Casey as winners. I'm just not a country music fan, gimme ol RnR any time. But there are a few i can listen to. Willie lives just down the road, and can just show up any time. A man loaned me alll of willie's albums, and i made one tape from them. Took me hours and hours. Loved that tape, loaned it to my son, told him if he liked it, i'd make him a copy. Never got the darned thing back!!!! Was irreplacable. Don't loan him things now. My fav on it, was, Seven Spanish Angels. oooooo mercy, still could just listen to that alll day. Bought another tape with it on there, so i do have it. Think it was with Ray Charles.

Went to the library last week to renew my membership, and got a few books while there. One is a biography on Dolly Parton. Wanted one on Gene Simmons but they didn't have it, nor one on Steven Tyler,,,lololol. These are new books. I love Gene Simmons Family Jewels, and it's gonna be back on in June. He is hilarious. He's a multimillionaire, but only knows business stuff, no common sense. Like, he was going to a pet shop to get rat traps. lololol Shannon had to explain ,,,,go to a hardware store. Then he didn't know what to buy, so bought 2 of everything. That was one of the funniest ones of all.