Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hey, I Didn't do It

Irene coulda been us!! Get that high pressure dome outa here!!!!  Could have cured this whole state of drought.  Well, i'm doing the next best thing, watching it on tv. 

"Wondering" if BB has chiggers.  Thot it was way too dry, but,,,,,sure sounds like em.  That thicket he's in is just right.  One time, my bro B and a cousin, up in Sherman, were wrestling around on the grass. AND,,,WOW Never have i seen so many on a human being in my life!!! He was in total misery for days.  You couldn't touch a spot on him without hitting one.  We don't have them here, like that, so he just didn't think about it.  (I laughed)

Boy o Boy, that BD party was sooo fun.  Lost track of time,,(again) and it was almost 9 when i left.  Have to turn on my bedroom AC by then to cool it off.   She and her hubby had gotten new mountain bikes, and he was saying how hard one of the trails were, that he had riden.  Told my son that, thinking he wouldn't be able to keep up. lmaooo,,, I asked my son,, how far do you ride?,,He laughed and said, ooo, about 25 miles.  On a hard trail.  I think it would be the other way around, keeping up with HIM.  He never runs outa wind, doing that, or running, whatever.  I never knew why until a few years ago, when he told me his lungs were longer than normal.  I was telling him about one of the high school kids that had those, and the trouble he was having playing football, don't remember the reason, but that's when i found out.  My son had never had that problem when he was young, but could have.

There's a Show World in my paper today!!,,,That had stopped way back.  Now i like what i have online, so too late for that. 

Hey, i did NOT change my font.  Leaving it alone for today, but i'll redo later.  Kinda like it, tho.  What do yall think?

Got woke up this morning, my sis calling, about 9.  Sure needed it.  Still haven't made it to the shower, or dressed yet.  No hurry, not going anywhere today. 

Might bbl,,,but just in case, HAGD

Made it back.  heyyy,,font back like it supposed to be,  i swear i didn't do it.  Had to tall ya,, heard it thunder about 5 pm.  Several times.  Finally looked on computer, and it went skirting right around the city limits,,,like always.  Still cloudy tho, cooled off a little.  Was 109.8.  Got my 2 hoses going, getting in my Sunday watering.  Just trying to make it til cooler weather,,,OR RAIN.   

Got out a bit ago and went to store.  Don't get much here, they like to gouge us.  But,, have to get ice cream.  So,, i did.  Was even on sale for .99 using their coupon.  Limit ONE.  Have to go back tomorrow and get another.  It's the store brand but pretty good.  For .99, mighty good.  Forgot eggs anyway so,,have to go back.  WOW,,,just got 2 yogurts tho, at .69.  Can just do without those til i get to the other place.  Told ya they gouge us. 

About time for me to run a movie.  Almost 8.  That takes me to bed time.

Just thot i'd put a few notes on here.

Cya tomorrow...TC, and all that stuff.