Saturday, April 28, 2012

TV Listings

This is the link i use for my tv listings, found it after the show world quit doing daytime.  I don't even think there is one in the paper any more.  Just in the daily paper showing nitetime only.

The paper has gotten so bad i'm seriously thinking about quitting it.  I haven't seen anything from this county in i don't know how long.  Even when it's a big news item.  There's little what they call, teaser headings on top of each section,,,except the sports.  When i asked about it, i was told it was because of a little bitty ad on the right top corner!  There's just one thing i read in the sports now, and that's Mike Leggett.  I was missing it all the time.  They did tell me, it's in the Thurs and Sun editions.  I quit it one time, read it online, but ,,,missed the ads!   

My son and his gf went to Cedar Park for the Disney on Ice show, but,,,didn't have time to stop by and get this map i printed out, so we were on the phone several times.  Last time we talked they had 15 minutes and still hadn't found it.  Were gonna ask and grab something to eat.  That minute they didn't use,,cost them a lot.  

Rasberry crazy ants starting to appear in Williamson and Travis counties

Just what we need,,,another ant.  And,,worse than fireants?  DD, do you have any of these?  Far as i know we don't ,,,,,yet.

Ok,,2 movies to record,,so yall tc, and