Saturday, December 31, 2016

Want to Wish ALL a Very HAPPY NEW YEAR

I'm not doing any good,,, this hip doesn't want to hold me up, so every step is very very slow. Rarely leave the house because of that.

Thot i was gonna have to go to the store to get a few things, mainly 2, to make chicken and rice from a very simple recipe, and o wow,,, my friend that sends me meals sent one of chicken and rice today! lol.

This friend cooks for a couple once a week, and told me it was no trouble to just put enough for me to make a meal too. I pay her a little, once a month, but this helps me so much. She does a lot more than once a week for me, and the one she sends makes me at least 2 meals... I was gonna make a pot of 16 bean soup too,,, just haven't done that yet. Got a package of corn bread mix out last week, but,, out of date as usual (for me),, tried it anyway, then threw it away. Didn't rise. Just bought ONE to cook. lol,, no keeping any for a future need.. would let it get old. It's sitting there on the counter with the package of 16 bean soup mix. Hate to rinse that mix, all those little things go thru the holes in the colander.

My feet and lower legs began swelling again a few weeks ago. Have an appointment to see my doc on tues. morning. Don't want anything messing up my surgery date on 2-13-17!

Update on my son... he fell again last week and broke the same bones that had just gotten well,,, his knee cap and some little ones in his foot. He also got bitten by a possum and had to take the rabies shots,, then refused to take the last one. The possum was on his porch facing off with a cat over cat food, and he swatted at it, and it bit his hand and wrist. It ran off, so no testing could be done and that's why the shots.

This great grand child is such an adorable boy,,, i can just sit and watch him forever. My g/dotter sent a video of him crawling and sliding on his belly backwards, down a long hall, stopping once to look back and turn to get to the stairs he had to go down. hahahaha,,, did a LOT of preparing for them! He's been running for a few months,, didn't say walking,, he kinda skipped that. He will go to the box of toys at my daughters and pick out a spoon or a whisk, then stir in a bowl or pan. He wakes up smiling, and in just a few minutes, he's going full blast again...running. He's got music in his soul,, will dance just hearing it... wish i could put a vid on here. It's on facebook, can't do it.

Ok, i'm just sitting here not having anything else to write about, so, yall have a