Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Still Have the "Blahs"

Yep, those ol blahs are still here. 

Went to see a Doc last Friday, not sure what you call a joint one, about my wrist/hand.  It had gotten to where it hurt all the time, and I couldn't find a comfortable place for it.  I got the full treatment,,,and the x-rays showed arthritis.  There were 3 choices of how to treat it, and I chose the injection.  (What he recommended).  Soooo,,,he got out this long tube of stuff, with an equally long needle on it,,,and I layed my wrist across the table and watched him do it.  It did hurt for about 24 hours, but aleve helped, and now it's about 70% better. 

Now that I can use my right hand, what do I do about that groin muscle I pulled a couple of weeks ago, that won't let me walk very good?  LOL.  I was doing squats trying to strengthen my legs, and did that.  Any suggestions?

Been trying to figure out how J can owe the hospital in San Antonio, about 2000.00 when he had met his out of pocket expense before the surgery.  The insurance company says someone has been overpaid, and there should be a refund, but can't tell me who.  Now the hospital it going to turn it over to a debt collection agency.  I was hoping something would penetrate my subconscious during the night,,but,,didn't.  I have all the paperwork showing what was billed, what was paid, but, there's no way I can tell if it was overpaid or not!  Not the way it's listed on all of the claims.  I tried to call the Doc's office yesterday, left 2 messages, but they still haven't called me back.  They should be able to tell me if it was them or not.  There's so many different ones,,,,

Gonna go catch up with BB,,,don't wanna miss that trip to LA!!!

Yall tc, and