Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blogs ARE Family

It was such a shock to read about Ben this morning!  It hit me hard, even tho we didn't get along, didn't see eye to eye,  i still feel like a  family member has passed away.  Get tears every time i'm thinking about his finally getting his Casita, getting it ready to go.  Yes, i still read his blogs every day, even tho i was blocked from making any comments. 

Maybe when this shock gets better,,, i can see that he went the way i want to.  Like MY Dad. 

His Aunt in NM helped me with my Indian ancestry, gave me ways to go back and try to find the connections i needed.  She is an amazing woman, sharp as a tack too.

I'm getting tears too, when i think about his 2 rug rats.  How lost they must be.  My Jude is about the same age as i am, in his cat years, and the thot of going before he does, just is not good. 

I regret not knowing he went to the hospital, so i could have had him in my prayers.  I never went back to any blogs after yesterday morning, so i missed it.  The last i had seen was his friend from Austin was coming.

This is my tribute too, to a member of our blogging family.  Amazing how close we are.

Yall tc, and,,this is hard to say right now, but