Sunday, February 5, 2012

This, That, and the Other

Not sure how much super bowl i'll watch, just want to know the ending score...lololol...want my 9. I've found movies on all day, otherwise. Recording 3, gosh, nearly ran out. Have one left after last nite. There's a Stephen King coming on at 7 pm,,might watch that one. Hate to miss the Voice, but,,,wth is it coming on after the ball game? I'm going to bro Bs house for some of it.

Called my sis N yesterday and got an answering machine,,well ok,,,thot she had gotten the new one and hooked it up....Tried her cell, didn't get that either, so,,later tried the house one again,,,same thing,,answering machine.
When she called me back later, there's NO answering machine!!! Now, wth is going on???,,,Still doing it today. I told her to call it from her cell, check it out. Then call the phone company tomorrow.

Saw the little duck yesterday, and it's still hopping, but good. Saw it fly into the water once, when the others did, so the only thing it can't do is walk on that one leg. I don't know why i never see chicks,,from any of them. Years ago, used to see baby geese (whatever they're called,,,) but not any more. There's so many predators i guess they don't make it, or even the eggs.

When i went out to Ns house, we walked down to her chicken pen, only 4 hens left, so she could put fresh water in for them. OMG,,,it stunk so bad, just from 3 days. Sometimes during certain weather, things sour, and this had. She said she still wasn't getting eggs, then looked and there were 3,,,lololol. They're putting on new feathers and look so good, even the rooster,,not one feather any more....lololol. She said it sleeted early today! Not here tho. She's 10 miles West.

Today is sure a stay-in day. Wish i had a pot of stew, or chili. Don't even have the makings, so,,,i'll eat what i have. S gave me so much yesterday, i still have 2 or 3 meals left. OOOO YEAH,,,she gave me some 16 bean soup!!! OOKKKK. Need to make some cornbread,,which i do have the mixes.

Yall tc, and