Saturday, November 12, 2011

Short on Time

Gotta be short right now, N called, 2 more deer to cut up.  2 doe.  That was from this morning,,,and he's going back later.  Told her, i had just got up, so it was gonna be a while.  I was still on coffee and paper, and now i'm eating my oatmeal, going after that.

Saw a couple of bloggers back, briefly.  Hobo and a Day in my life.  They've been gone a long time.  GOOD to see yall back!!

I'd better get up and git.  N will think i'm not gonna show up.  So,,will try to bbl

6 PM

Talk bout,,,worn out.  We cut on that deer til 4 PM.  I brought home a large bag of ham, which i divided up, and 2 small bags of back strap.  Divided those up too.  Ok, let me ask yall something,,,what is the ham?  To me, and everybody i've ever known, it's the 2 back quarters.  The one that shot em, said he had always called the front ones,,(we call shoulders) the hams.  The front and rear hams.  N and i said,,,never heard that, and then she said she was labeling them accordingly,,,lololol.  Ham, shoulder, back strap, etc.  We just threw the tenderloins in with the back straps.  Was gonna keep something, we called it the flanks, for chili, but it smelled a little, knew i'd never eat anything made out of it.  I'll use the ham for chili.  Someday, lololol.

Read Hobo's new blog, and i'm just kinda sick for him.  What a situation.  And being the honorable man he is, he has no choice.  I look at him, and all the other bloggers as friends.  Well, the ones i can talk to.  (Referring to the ones not on blogger, that i can't).  Hope things all work out for them, and they will be in my prayers.

Yall remember when i said how sore i got when i cleaned out my outside watering thingy?,,,That i wouldn't do that again?,,,well,,,hmmmm,,,guess what.  I am fine today,,if i don't try to get up and walk.  Did the exact same thing,,,aaaa gain....Do i ever learn?,,,,Looks like,,,no.  I've moaned and groaned all day, good thing i could sit and cut out there.  Just nicked one finger a bit, just bled a little while.  Had to wrap paper towel around it.  Didn't want my blood mixed with the deer's.  Who cares about paper towel.

Going to go kick my feet up, hold that remote, and not move til bed time. well, almost.  Movie coming on, i'll watch.  So,,,yall tc,,cya tomorrow.