Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow, Sleet, Wind, Cold,,

Gosh, just couldn't seem to get warm from the time i went to HEB, til last nite.  When the wind is blowing from the N or NW,,,my house just doesn't want to heat up good.  I can tell when the wind stops,,,lol.  Little leaks, like all old houses.  It just seeps in.  I made myself some hot chocolate yesterday,,just sounded good.  And IT WAS...

I drove out to the park,,being careful on the bridges, (was no ice tho) and watched the snow/sleet for a while.  There were about 50 or 60 of the little black ducks on the water.  I even saw Hop a Long when they got out on the bank.

Welll,,, i didn't intend to, but,,,ended up watching all of the Grammys show.  It was  good, and i liked almost all the singing acts.  I missed Jennifer Hudson tho, had gone on to bed.  Saw it today on the news.  Didn't know who Adele was, til last nite, but,,,i sure did like her.  She won a lot.  I didn't think Glen Campbell was gonna make it,,,well, remember the song.  Not sure he did, but what a great performance.  Beach Boys,,great.  I thot they did a great job on short notice, about WH.

Gosh, got off on something else, forgot about this,,,hahahaha,,losing my mind.  Found too much other stuff to fool with.  Made copies of stuff on river access, got off into facebook,,just wasted time.  So,,late now,, yall tc, and