Saturday, April 19, 2014

Back Again

Darn it, i've been looking all morning for my clippie, tooth, and still haven't found it.  I even went thru the trash,, yuk.  Wasn't a whole lot in it, tho.  I always take it out, and put it in the holder with water, and it's not there.  Soooo,,, have NO idea where it could be, now.  I take it out after i eat supper.

Way back, i was eating lunch at a local bar b q place, and the last bite i took, had something hard and broke that tooth all the way thru the root.  Had to go right then and get it pulled.  This "clippie" just snaps in and has worked so good.  Guess i'll stay toothless there,,,,lol.  I think it's the eyetooth.

My car is still starting, and a couple of times sure did take a long time to do it.  I still wonder every time if it's going to or not.  Kinda bad.  What if i have to go out of town?  At least here, i can call for help.  I carry jumper cables, and the 2 jumper boxes quit working.  If it does it when i'm out somewhere, i can at least see if it's the battery or not.

I don't know how many of yall like the games online, but my favorite is www.onlinebandit.  It's with real people and has lots of different ones.  I like ludo best.  Painted yatzy is good too.  I think DD mentioned them.

Yall keep your eyes out for my clippie,,, lol.  And tc,