Wednesday, March 14, 2012


HATE this time change!  Can't get to sleep at nite, sleep way too long in the mornings.  Don't know why they keep doing it, have read there's no reason any more, so WHY???
No sleep, no energy, nothing getting done.  Didn't even walk yesterday,  just can't when i'm so tired.  Am i the only one this way?  Gosh i hope not.

Thot about going up to visit G, but,,,grrrrrrr,,,almost 1PM now.  Would take about an hour to get there.  Guess i'll just sit around and go to HEB later.  Later, cause that way, i can eat at that good mexican food place again.  lololol.

When i go to Kingsland later, i'll go on hwy 71, have heard the bluebonnets are great.  Will get pics.

Gosh, a shooting at a court house in Beaumont!  Just saw that on the news.

Short today, didn't even wanna do a post, so yall tc, and