Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fading memory not necessarily Alzheimer's

Fading memory not necessarily Alzheimer's

Normal, MCI, or Alzheimers,,hmmmm

BB, you catching so many fish you can't post?  Must be,,,lololol.  Remember,,i need pics to be convinced,,,

DD thx for removing that 2 word thingy.  And Jojo,,didn't comment cause of it.  Couldn't read the first one anyway.  It's always good to hang out with your kids.  I never used that verification anyway, and never had problems,,put it on briefly to see if it would help keep spam from email.  BUT, NOT gonna do the 2 thang.

I read an article in the paper today, about alzheimers, and then there was a list of things to let you know if you have normal aging, MCI, (never heard of this), or alzheimers. I've spent an hour trying to find that on the statesman's site, BUT, it's not there yet.  MCI= mild cognitive impairment.  I'm in the normal.  When i can find it later, i'll put it on here.  Last nite, i was at my bro Bs house, and G was there too, playing pool, and it came up about a best friend way back,,,what her maiden name was.  WELL, i knew it as well as my own, but i could NOT remember it!!!  She had also been a classmate of Gs.  We discussed this for so long,,i told them i would look it up in my year book, and,,i did.  But, what i'm saying is,,why didn't i remember that?,,And then today, there's all this in the paper about age related memory loss.  hahahahaha... One of the symptoms of normal,,is you joke about it...(gotta quit doing that,,,lololol)

A favorite cousin called last nite from Sherman.  He said he'd just bought a new boat,  ready to load up with fish,,,hear that yall?,,He has lake denison, and can catch tons of fish.  Brings down gallons to have huge fish frys.  Leaves me the leftovers,,YUMMM.  (not cooked leftovers)  He's just had a stent put in one of his legs, and next week, has to have a vein replaced in the other.  In good mood tho,,,we got to laughing about something,,,( memory thing ?) and i almost choked!!  He's had  lots of health problems,, and i HATE it.  Our uncle, that lived there too, taught him all he knew about fishing.  He could catch fish anywhere, any time.  Looked like a full blood Indian,,,which some of us do, showing our heritage.  I'm very proud of that.

This darn silicon thing i put over my keyboard, is wearing out, i think.  It keeps getting wrinkles.  They came in a pack of 2, but,,,none of the places around here sells them.  I had to order online.  Sure protects it, and i haven't had sticky keys since i started using it.  I was told at one place, Office Depot?,,(memory thing,,again,,) that the new keyboards didn't need protecting.  Well,,,ok,,, But,, And just so yall know,,i know where the other one is,,,hahahaha.

Guess that's it for today,, unless i find that list,  yall tc, and