Saturday, November 23, 2013

Still Same Way

Still 36*,,, and I moved my reminder for Family Feud, and yeah, forgot to watch it.  Did any of yall?  If so, did they win anything?

I can blame it on my Sis, she called about that time,,,lol.

I've had a locked up muscle on the upper left leg, on the side, and can barely move.  Been that way all day.  Had this happen about a week ago.  Gonna get in my chair, kick back and nap.  That will end it I think.  Taking aleve, 2 and 2, what do I take for pain?  Bad as I hate them, i'll take a hydrocodone next time.  It almost makes me fall, and I have to lean over to walk.  Can't straighten it out.

I bought ritz crackers a couple of days ago, and all they had were in a smaller box.  Don't know when ritz did that!  Now I have to measure each roll, and see how many to add to make the right length.  I think it will take 5 of these shorter ones.

Jude's doing the same thing today, in and out.  I think I heard him running on the roof a bit ago.  lol, He's feeling frisky.  I explained to him, not gonna keep doing that, he's gonna have to stay out.

Ok,,, nap time, so yall tc, and