Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Couldn’t Resist


This is in the city limits, about a mile W of downtown.  It’s a development of sites with a few acres.  They’re just EVERYWHERE!….

The clouds around this morning, surprised me.  Yesterday we had a heat index of 104.  Today will be the same, later.  I’m not getting out except to do things I have to.  When I tried to refill the plastic thing I’ve used for water, it broke and leaked, so I did go to the $Store and get another one.  And I remembered to pick up a box after taking all these vases out from under my kitchen cabinet.  LOLOLOL,,about a dozen!  AND, threw some empty jars away,,,why do people keep those?  Hey, I have lots of room under there, now….

Well, heck, not much to expect on that front coming thru tonite.  A few degrees cooler, a little dryer,, a few percent chance of a shower.

I do have to get out later and go to the store.  Need milk,,lol.  That might be all, need to think about it.  Know I need trash bags, but didn’t remember that at the $Store.  There’s a HEB ad in today’s paper, maybe I should look in it.

J called, and they were just leaving Houston.  Said his back has been giving him fits, and will get back on the paperwork when he gets back.  About time.  I dread this surgery, but he can’t do without it.  I know he does too and has put it off as long as possible.

Almost noon, and I’ve already gotten my drugs.  She came early today.  Not gonna do anything today,,,well, as little as possible.  Overdid yesterday.  Yall tc, and