Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bad Day???

Get up this morning and NO COFFEE!,,,The electricity went off during the nite and caused the timer to reset, so,,,,had to wait.  Usually starts off a bad

I think it rained most of the nite, but have no idea how much we got, my gauge showing about 1/2" but i know that's not right.  Still raining sometimes.  wooohoooo.

Ok folks,,i've had it with that double word thangy, just not gonna do it any more.  So if i'm not commenting on your blog, you'll know why.  There's always that one word you can't read so you have to redo, at least once.  And i am gonna complain to google about it too.  I made sure my settings are changed.  If not, let me know, and i will reset them.

Gosh, i didn't realize Monday was a holiday.  Good thing i went to the library yesterday, cause i finished my last book last nite.  But i did get 3 more.  I got the one about J C Dugard.  If autobiographies are up to date, i like to read them.  But if they are like, 15 years old,,,leaves you wondering about those years.  Not gonna read any old ones any more. lol.  There's still a couple i want to read,  one by Gene Simmons, and the other about the guitarist in the Rolling Stones.  What's his name,,,lol.  OOOO yeah!!! Keith Richards!,,,Darn,,,this memory of mine,, I blame it on some of my meds,,,lol,,good excuse, right?

Well,,short stuff today,,like most of the time,,nothing going on.  So yall tc, and


Been messing around in Blogger forum,,NO ONE likes that 2 word thang!  Not sure if this is true or not, but someone said they couldn't change the settings on it, and the answer was to go to the old blogger interface.  Hmmm,,,i think i'm on that just cause i didn't like the new one.