Monday, March 14, 2011

time change IS,,,BAD FOR UR HEALTH!!!

Read in the paper about a study that said that, took em all these years to figure that out!,,,On both ends.  The older i've gotten, worse it is.  When i went to bed last nite, thot,,if i make it up for my volunteer work,,ok, if not,,ok too.  Emailed our chairwoman yesterday and told her i "might" be late.  Accidently woke up just right, and had set my alarm clock somewhere during the nite, to reach over and turn it off.  AND I GOT UP....The lady i worked with today, got there late.  Then, no one came back to get her.  Everybody had left but her, me, and the chairwoman.  She called her son that usually picks her up and found out he, his family, her daughter, her family, were all in CO.  Wellllll,,,just WTH is going ON????  The son called another man and he FINALLY showed up.  Totally irresponsible.  She's probably the worst one we have, and stays by herself most of the time!!!!.  and,,,this son i was talking about is a doctor!!!  

Wind changed around but no rain.  Means not much for the wild flowers this year.  Weeds are kinda showing up in my yard, but haven't needed to do any mowing yet.  Most times, have to in Feb.  yeaaaaaaaaaaa

Wasn't here yesterday, went out to my sis's and watched their garden grow again.  But when she called and said,,come on out, frying chicken for supper,,,was gone in 5 minutes!!!

Gotta go yall, just too darned tired to do this today.  Will bb tho.