Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday, NOT the 13th

OMG!!! Noticed those little vent things for my dryer,,,outside, were stuck open.  Sooo,, i go over there to close them, and ,,,the reason they weren't closed,,,There was so much lint stuck in them they couldn't.  Hard too.   I dug and dug, getting it out as much as i could reach.  Don't know why stuff like that's been on my mind for weeks, lol,, a warning maybe?  Also, the washer leaking. (on my mind).  Had one do that, the seal broke under the tub, and all that water flooded out.  Gonna see if i can find someone to come by and take off the tube for the vent, so i can clean it all out.  HOW did all that get past the filter???  I clean that every time i use the dryer.  Was so little space left to vent, don't know how the dryer worked. 

Called in my refills for prescriptions today, gotta pick them up later.  That way i don't pay co-pay, and will after the 1st.  There's just a little space between paying, and not.  Not sure if they will fill one or not, but called it in anyway. 

Whew, finally, got to sit down.  Wheeeeeeeeeee,,, found some old pillow cases that are wider,  4 of em, so now i can cover that new pillow.  They were with 2 old sheet sets.  Gotta tell you this,,,one time my Mom gave me a set of striped sheets, and i found some material (of course) she had, to make some pillow cases.  She told me she found one of the sheets one time, at a garage sale, and!!! later, found the matching one at another!!!  Of course, i told her to keep looking, might find the pillow cases yet. lololol.  She didn't buy them for sheets,,,she bought the first one for the material, she made pillows.  But, finding the matching sheet,,,lol,,and the size i used.  When i was a teen, i helped the girls, friends, that lived across the street, do laundry for a motel.  That's where i learned how to fold sheets as you took them off the line.  Still do it, if i hang them out.  They folded them that way, hung them over the line and kept going,  then gathered them all up by flipping onto their arms. 

They were Jehovah Witnesses, and their dad was the minister.  Best people you ever knew.  Course, they never convinced me, this ol Southern Baptist here, of any of their beliefs, but i still admire them.  They live what they preach.  About the only ones i ever knew that did, or,,does.  I went to church with them if i was spending the nite.  Ok not gonna get into religion,,u know,,politics, religion, forbidden on blogs! and in bars,,,lolololol

Gosh, catch myself sitting here in a daze,,,hahahahaha,,,sometimes.  My mind's gone blank.  I've earned that right,,,right?,,,hahahahaha.

This security firm, Stratfor, in Austin, got hacked. lol,,,and,,last nite it got hacked again.  Just shows you how good these hackers are.  And they're showing them too.

Gosh, be so glad when next Tuesday gets here, all these holidays closings done til May.  When i was still working, that was a long time in between.  But even then, i was glad to be back to normal.  O Yeah,,,!!!, got my can of black eyed peas, remembered early this year.  Do yall?  Even have some cornbread in the freezer.  Couple of slices anyway.  Gonna keep my eye on those mixes,,hahahaha, cook em before they expire.  Cooked a mix of biscuits and put them in the freezer too.  I can stick either one in my toaster oven and toast to get em warmed up.

Done my do, for today, so yall tc, and