Saturday, July 23, 2011

Local Fire This Morning

J=42 M=27 L=3

Making one of those cold salads with noodles thingys.  Should mix up some jello too.  Anything cold with a meal, and i can't do lettuce, so has to be something else.  I still have about 1/2 of that last cantaloupe. 

Woke up about 5 this morning and heard a cop looking for the source of smoke.  When she found it, was the local cabinet shop, and in a minute was fully engulfed.  I had gone to the bathroom and looked out and saw my bro G leaving.  He's one of the volunteer firefighters.  Doesn't go to very many any more, kinda semi retired.

OOOO,,, Got that pasta salad made, not getting up for a long time!!! I will NEVER buy cheap paper towels any more, either.  I put one in the bottom of my strainer and the darned thing came apart, so i will probably be eating towel too.  Yummmm.  As long as i don't see it, won't hurt me, lol.  Says rinse with cold water. HA  Water from the faucet is HOT.  And i mean HOT. 

Went out and drove by the burnt building, total loss.  It was fully engulfed before the fire dept was toned out, tho.  Huge building.  Also stopped at a couple of garage sales.  Got my g/dotter some rocks, lololol, she's the only person i ever saw that bought rocks.  And found a big plastic thing to put water in outside.  About 5" deep, perfect.  Threw in some wood blocks so birds could get to it too.  I had looked for a kiddie pool yesterday and the $ store was sold out.  No one had better tell me i can't water animals and birds.

Have some stuffed green peppers just getting done.  ohhhhh, smells so good.  Hope my salad is at least cool by now.  I think i told you, i quit eating breakfast so i'm really getting hungry now.  Guess i'll catch yall tomorrow.  HAGD